Monday, February 06, 2006

100-Calorie Food Gimmick Is Meaningless

What is the point of a "100-calorie" Coke? Hmmm? Anyone?

It's been happening right under our noses in such a subtle way that most people can't remember when it started. But the emergence of the "100-Calorie Food" fad has arrived.

The extreme measures being taken by food and beverage manufacturers to jump on this bandwagon became all too clear to me when I noticed one of the most recognized brands in the world repacking and marketing their product with the words "100 Calories" -- Coca-Cola!

When I saw this in the grocery store the other day, it made me stop in my tracks and the wheels started spinning.

Okay, I can drink this itty bitty can of Coke and "only" consume 100 calories;


Drink THIS much Diet Coke and still not come close to 100 calories!

Hmm, which one will I choose? Does Coca-Cola really think the consumer is that stupid?! But they're not the only company insulting our intelligence with their "100-Calorie" gimmick.

Have you seen this one?

Ah, yes, the "100-Calorie" Oreo cookie. Of course, if you don't mind eating about 90% air and skip the creme filling, you'll just love the taste of these suddenly "healthy" cookies. Forget about all the sugar you are consuming, these bad boys only have "100-Calories!"

And then there's these beloved "healthy" favorites, too!

The "100-Calorie" Ritz cracker!

The "100-Calorie" Pringles pack!

The "100-Calorie" Honey Maid graham cracker!

With the variety of "100-Calorie" products to choose from, it's never been easier to keep your weight under control, right? Heck, it's a cinch now. If you are on a 1200 calorie a day program, you can just pick 12 of your favorite "100-Calorie" foods and that's your meal plan for the day. Or, if you get a little bold and eat 1500 calories daily, you can have a whopping 15 of these to eat and enjoy on your way to healthy living.



These food companies must have completely lost their minds! Is this REALLY the next wave in dieting in America? While the calories may have been cut down in these foods, you still get a TON of carbohydrates from the sugar and white flour they put in them. Eating these products will only make you THINK you are eating better, but it's very clear you're not.

It's all just a big meaningless gimmick to make the food companies even more money on the backs of a country full of desperate dieters. The "100-Calorie" fad will hopefully pass quickly so that people don't get suckered into thinking they can actually lose weight eating these foods.

I wonder what the calorie-restriction supporters think about these "100-Calorie" products? April, care to comment?


Blogger Unknown said...

I actually do like the Oreo thin crisps. :) At about 17g of carbs it doesn't do too much damage.

2/07/2006 7:15 PM  
Blogger Jackie Patti said...

It's a GREAT marketing move. Now they can charge you MORE for LESS food!

7/31/2007 10:17 PM  

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