Monday, February 20, 2006

CarbHealth Carrying Low-Carb Torch Since 1998

CarbHealth celebrating EIGHT years supporting livin' la vida low-carb

I'm just a baby in the Internet low-carb world being online for a mere 10 months with my "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog. But there are some really excellent low-carb web sites that have blazed the trail for us all by being involved in helping to educate people about low-carb before it was popular, then stood strong in the midst of the media hype a couple of years back, and are still carrying the torch for the low-carb lifestyle in 2006.

One such web site that has been through the thick and thin is CarbHealth. Launched in March 1998, this free online low-carb support web site offers real help for people who want to know more about what low-carb living is all about.

There are FREE RECIPES (mmmm!), health articles, as well as message boards to keep you up-to-date on the latest news and info for low-carbers. In fact, CarbHealth actually published the very first low-carb print magazine called CarbHealth Magazine that ran from October 2002-March 2004. The subscriber list was subsequently sold to LowCarb Energy magazine which is now called SheKnows LowCarb (did you get all that?!).

The beautiful and lovely newlywed founder of CarbHealth, Tiffany Anthony

Founder and creator of CarbHealth Tiffany Anthony (And I thought I was BUSY, check out what all this woman is involved with! WHOA!) says her "passion" for low-carb and helping people learn more about this way of eating is what has helped her accomplish so much over the years.

“I started it as a collection of a few soy-based recipes, and now it’s a valuable support system for thousands of people," Anthony explained. "I never would have imagined it would still be successfully running eight years later, or that I would have been the Editor-In-Chief of a successful print magazine because of it!”

CONGRATULATIONS, Tiffany! She has in excess of 1,600 members as part of her forum which covers a wide range of topics and where members can interact with each other to be a built-in support system for low-carb weight loss. If you are looking for accountability, then here you go! No excuses now!

When she thinks about all the media claims that low-carb is dead, Anthony just has to laugh.

“My traffic continues to rise," she noted. "That doesn’t sound like the death of a lifestyle to me. I think people are just becoming better informed and steering away from ‘Frankenfoods.’ With some of the major players in the food industry bowing out, it’s made the simple, healthier approach much more popular.”

I can totally echo those comments, Tiffany. I too have seen a tremendous rise in readership at my blog since I first launched last April and it doesn't show any signs of slowing down. People WANT good information about low-carb living and will seek out those resources to help them lose weight and get healthy. With low-fat diets in BIG trouble, now more than ever we need web sites like CarbHealth to help us stay focused as we share with others why we choose to eat the way we do.

The CarbHealth web site is currently under a major redesign to help specifically promote the low-carb lifestyle as the healthy method for losing weight and improving overall health. Anthony full expects to keep on sharing, encouraging and educating people about low-carb for many years to come.

You can contact Tiffany Anthony to congratulate her on 8 years of success with CarbHealth by sending her an e-mail at


Blogger CarbHealth said...

Jimmy, thank you for this wonderful post. I'm blushing from your flattering comments! (Where on earth did you find that old photo of me?)

2/22/2006 4:46 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

You are a VERY beautiful woman and I think you should be proud! Glad you liked the column! Take care!

2/22/2006 4:51 PM  

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