Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Low-Fat Bubble Bursts by Nicki Anderson

My new friend Nicki Anderson from Reality Fitness wrote an excellent op-ed piece about the low-fat diet debate over at today that I think you should go read.

In her brilliant piece called "The Low-Fat Bubble Bursts," Nicki spells it out clearly why the results of an 8-year study on the low-fat diet is just the beginning of the bad news for the traditional way of thinking regarding healthy living.

She was even kind enough to quote ME in her column (THANK YOU!!!) taking comments from this blog post.

"I love reading this guys stuff, here are just a few of his many thoughts as he speaks to the low-fat findings," she wrote.

In commenting on my remarks, Nicki said that underlines her own thoughts about what a "healthy diet" is.

"Every food choice I make (most of the time) is based on what is good for my body," she states. "I equate it to giving a plant water and sunshine, it's what is needed to thrive and grow. Our body is no different, giving it what it needs, healthy foods such as fruits and veggies along with healthy fats, (yes fat is a good thing) whole grain here and there, lean proteins and you've got what is valuable and good for you."

Be sure to read the entire column to see what she thinks about the "mistake" McDonald's made about the trans fats in their French fries as well as the touchy subject of exercise! It's not a dirty word and Nicki tells you why in her column.

Check it out by clicking here and be sure to send Nicki Anderson a BIG THANK YOU for telling the truth! We need more people like her sharing the facts about healthy living so that people will start thinking for themselves about what nutritional choices are best for them. Keep giving it to them straight, Nicki!!!


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