Saturday, February 04, 2006

You Can Feel The Zeal In New CarbWire Writer

There's a new writer over at CarbWire I'd like to introduce you to because he brings the kind of zeal and personal experience with the low-carb lifestyle to influence the culture of negativity that exists out there regarding this dream-come-true way of eating for so many of us.

His name is Bill Fairbairn and he's a big believer in livin' la vida low-carb! This first column he wrote for CarbWire brings it to your straightforward and let's you know right away that this man means business with his low-carb support!

Check out how he starts off his column:

"I've got one thing to say to those diet pundits who claim the low-carb lifestyle does not work: BS. As in beef steak..."

Oh, I'm gonna LOVE this guy already, I can tell! LOL!

As a low-carber since 2003, Fairbairn said both he and his wife quickly dropped about 20 pounds each in just a few months although they didn't have much to lose. They also added exercise to their low-carb lifestyle (something I HIGHLY recommend and dedicate an entire chapter to in my book), but like so many of us allowed life to get into the way of their new healthy routine and switched to a low-fat diet.

"Over the past couple of years the extra baggage we had previously refused to admit was clogging our midsections came back like a long lost acquaintance," Fairbairn wrote. "It’s not amusing how much weight we can actually gain on a low-fat diet."

How true! When I was on a low-fat diet in 1999, I lost a considerable amount of weight, but I was not able to keep up that way of eating for long and my waist size is actually smaller now after being on a low-carb program than it was when I weighed less after being on a low-fat diet. Go figure!

With this newfound desire to live the low-carb life again, Fairbairn and his wife started again on a "modified low-carb diet" on New Year's Day 2006 and aren't looking back! They have each lost about 14 pounds each so far and he said it's been relatively easy because they have not "starved or deprived ourselves of any flavor or texture sensations."

"In fact, we’ve even added a few new tastes and consistencies to our previously boring low-fat, high-carb, pound-packing diets."

He indulges in low-carb ice cream and says "the taste and texture of my low-carb ice cream (is) better than my former nationally known, fat-laden, high-carb weakness."

Amen to that one! Low-carb ice cream is REALLY good compared with ANY low-fat version!

Reflecting on this way of life that we call low-carb, Fairbairn said it makes him appreciate life more than ever before.

"We’ve rediscovered the beauty and simplicity of a lower carb lifestyle and are reaping the rewards. A trip to any major grocery store is still overflowing with discoveries of products to meet our renewed choice. Not only are many newer products now packaged as low-carb, rereading some of the labels on old standbys can bring old favorites back to the forefront of the daily task of meal preparation."

It's funny how that works. You know you've incorporated low-carb into your lifestyle when you start thinking this way.

When he feels the need to "splurge," Fairbairn said "fifteen minutes on the exercise bike sitting in the front room by the TV takes care of" it.

Looking at his low-carb program this time around, Fairbairn has his priorities straight now.

"(This is) not a diet, but a lifestyle. Now, if I can remember that this choice really works well for my wife and me, while recalling the large weight loss stages are often met with stubborn plateaus of 3-5 days of no weight loss whatsoever, I know I can do it. And believe me, if I can, you can too."

You are exactly right! It is possible as long as you stay focused on the fact that it works and will keep working as long as you stick with it. Giving up is simply NOT an option and you really don't want to switch to the alternative. :-~

Be sure to read the entire debut column by Bill Fairbairn at CarbWire and check back often to read what he's up to!

Do you have a passion for the low-carb life and want to share that with the whole world? Then CarbWire is looking for YOU to join them. Click here for more information about how you can become a contributing writer for them today!


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