Sunday, March 05, 2006

Putting Low-Carb Knowledge Into Action

It's one thing to know what to do to lose weight and get healthy by using the wealth of research, information, and evidence that exists today in support of the low-carb lifestyle. But it is another thing entirely putting all of that knowledge into action and making it happen for yourself.

That's the subject of an e-mail I received from one of my readers after he saw this recent blog post. Here is a man who has seen weight loss success before, but then life happened with all of its unexpected twists and turns to knock him off track.

Now he believes he has his mindset in the right place to begin livin' la vida low-carb.

Here's what he wrote to me:

Dear Jimmy Moore,

I have lost 30 lbs or more several times since the age of 15. I am now 56 and have 70 lbs to lose.

This last gain happened about six years ago and I'll spare you the story, but I refuse to accept my fate. I am fortunate that I still suffer from no chronic conditions, but I am aware of the danger of remaining at this weight as I get older. And though I am still able to move quickly, I would like to feel light and feel good about myself again.

It is quite true that weight loss starts in the mind. So I now have a link to your blog, which I read daily, as I prepare myself for that jump into the program once again. I don't know when I'll do it, but I know it will be soon, and in part because I read your blog.

Thank you for all your work!

Thank YOU for making everything I do here at the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog worth every minute I invest in it. I think we've all been in the same situation ourselves and understand what you are going through.

But now is the time to get back on the train and resolve to NEVER get off again. I am thankful that you have learned so much from reading my blog and have been encouraged to do the low-carb lifestyle.

NOW IS THE TIME to put that low-carb knowledge into action and to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

YOU CAN DO IT and I'm always here to help keep you going. Just don't EVER give up! EVER! If you commit yourself entirely to this way of eating, then permanent weight loss success cannot be far behind.


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