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'The Hamptons Diet Cookbook' Is An Excellent Source For Healthy Low-Carb Recipes

The Hamptons Diet Cookbook
has recipes for every low-carber

How DO the rich and famous always seem to stay so thin and healthy? With the exception of maybe Danny DeVito and Rodney Dangerfield, can you think of very many movie stars who are overweight or obese? Probably not. That's because they have found the secret to eating better quality foods that not only satisfy their tastebuds, but also their nutritional needs.

Dr. Fred Pescatore first introduced his healthy weight loss principles in his groundbreaking 2004 bestselling book called The Hamptons Diet with Hollywood hotties Sara Jessica Parker and Renée Zellweger among its most ardent followers.

But now, by popular demand, Dr. Pescatore is back with a hot new book full of over 200 mouthwatering and flavorfully unique recipes called The Hamptons Diet Cookbook. While you may not be rich and famous, he shows you how you can eat like one with Mediterranean-styled cooking assistance from renowned chef Jeff Harter.

Once you try many of these recipes, you'll forget you're actually on a diet! That is the beauty of finding a low-carb program like The Hamptons Diet -- IT TASTES SO GOOD YOU CAN'T BELIEVE IT CAN HELP YOU LOSE WEIGHT.

But it does. With countless numbers of people using this nutritional approach to lose weight in 2006, despite what the naysayers in the media and those pesky low-fat lovin' health "experts" say, the fact remains that this way of eating has worked and STILL continues to work to help people lose weight and keep it off for good. I lost over 180 pounds thanks to a healthy low-carb eating plan and you can too!

As a strong proponent of eating more organic whole foods as well as liberal amounts of macadamia nut oil, Dr. Pescatore wants the average, everyday person to look at food in an entirely different manner than they ever have before. Pay attention to the kind of carbohydrates that you are putting in your mouth and stick with the healthful slow-release ones as well as foods that are balanced according to the glycemic index and the glycemic load. The recipes in The Hamptons Diet Cookbook provide you with this balance.

Just in case you didn't get his original book, Dr. Pescatore provides an abridged version of The Hamptons Diet plan at the front of his new book to catch you up to speed, including explaining the various food pyramids that you will want to know about when you are on his diet. Trust me, throw out everything you thought you knew about diet and nutrition and keep your mind open to the greater possibilities that await you in this book.

There's even one chapter that explains what kind of kitchen appliances and tools you will need to start eating healthier. Hey, if you're gonna make the commitment to lose weight and keep it off, then what better way than to start anew than to literally clean house?! You'll also enjoy the convenient grocery shopping lists that Dr. Pescatore provides to keep you focused on what you need to do to get with the plan and make it happen for yourself.

The recipes in The Hamptons Diet Cookbook cover breakfast ("the most important meal of the day"), lunch (something light, nothing fancy), and dinner ("one of the most enjoyable and entertaining parts of the day"). Additionally, there are great side dishes and salads to combat boredom on the plan even if you can't make it look very good (Dr. Pescatore wrote that "the hardest thing for me is to get a salad to look pretty"). I can relate, but who cares when the taste is...mmmmmm!

For those of you who want to entertain guests and dazzle them with your low-carb cooking prowess, Dr. Pescatore presents a series of popular party recipes that will have them raving! Interestingly, you would think these recipes would need to be fancy-schmancy, but actually many of them are quite simple. The point is, Dr. Pescatore explains, to have fun with your life and stop worrying about food so much. It's time to eat better and be merry -- The Hamptons Diet way!

But what would a cookbook be without a few wonderfully tantalizing desserts?! However (and I LOVE this!), Dr. Pescatore makes it very clear up front what you won't see in his recipe book: "Sugar won't be used in any of these dessert recipes." EXCELLENT! That's just the way we like it when we are livin' la vida low-carb. A superb dissertation on what is acceptable as an alternative to sugar is included at the beginning of the dessert chapter to help you make the right choices about what you should use, including a list of the "healthy sweeteners" (Stevia, Xylitol), ones where the "jury is still out" (Splenda, maltitol), and finally the ones you really should "avoid" (hint: Nutrasweet didn't do so well).

At the back of the book, Dr. Pescatore includes in the appendix an amazing resource guide to help you find some of the ingredients that may be hard for you to find in your area. He earnestly wants to see you succeed at his plan and literally thought of everything for people who read The Hamptons Diet Cookbook.

Regardless of which low-carb plan you have been on, whether it's Atkins, South Beach, Protein Power, or The Zone, The Hamptons Diet Cookbook will give you even more succulent and tasty recipes your are sure to love and enjoy with your family. Eating healthy never tasted so good! That's the miracle of low-carb living. THANKS, Dr. Pescatore for continuing to be a champion of this amazingly miraculous way of eating!


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Hi Jimmy! After we exchanged blog links so many weeks ago, I finally got a chance this weekend to spend some time at your blog and look through your posts. I’m glad I did! You have some really sensational information here and you’ve presented it in a fun and interesting manner. I especially like the photos where you’re flashing that bold smile--it’s very infectious! (Those Flax Z Snacks really sound delicious, by the way!)

I LOVED finding out here about Matt and Suzy from Biggest Loser! I always thought they’d be perfect together. Nice news and nice people! And it’s no wonder Bob Harper from BL enjoys reading your blog--it’s terrific!

I still have lots more to browse through here and dozens of links to follow from your various posts. It will probably take me until the end of the year to get through it all, but I’m determined! LOL

Thanks for providing plenty of fabulous reading and sound information. And please do stop by my blog and say hello when you get a chance. I’ve got enough craziness there to keep you reading for a while too, I think. ;-)


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