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Possibilities Are Endless With 'A Life Unburdened'

Richard Morris says life is worth so much more living healthy

There's a new superstar in the realm of healthy low-carb living that I'd like to introduce you to because you're gonna be hearing a lot more from this man in the coming years. His name is Richard Morris.

I had the distinct pleasure of conducting a rather candid interview with Richard a couple of weeks ago, but have now grown to respect and appreciate him so much more ever since I read his book called A Life Unburdened: Getting Over Weight and Getting On With My Life.

To describe Morris' dramatic change as simply an inspiring weight loss story is simply missing the point altogether because it is so much more than that. While this former 400+ pounder was in a place that I know about all too well, Morris was able to pull himself out of that certain-death situation to now become a notorious fighter for healthy living, an encourager for all who desire weight loss, but most of all, a better husband and man than he's ever been before.

In the introduction to his book, Morris asks the question, "Is today the day I die?" As harrowing and morbid as that may sound to the average person, it is the reality for people who weigh more than 100 pounds overweight from what is considered "normal." That was Morris' reality just as it is for two out of every three people in America today. But rather than cheer you on with phrases like "If I can do it, you can too," he believes finding lasting weight loss comes from a much deeper place than that from a psychological standpoint.

It wasn't until Morris exclaimed to his wife one day "I want my life back" before he realized just how far down he had allowed himself to get. But on that fateful day in June 2003, Morris and his wife Mary started a journey that would take them places they never thought possible -- permanent, healthy weight loss and vastly improved health along with a newfound sense of purpose and meaning in their lives to share with others this wonderful gift they had been given.

I couldn't help but be reminded of my own weight loss journey while reading Morris' book. It was as if he was talking about ME as much as he was himself when he discussed what "A Day in the Life Of a Fat Man" was like. It's scary to think about it now, but it's always good to remember where you were so you never go there again.

As Morris recounts how he became morbidly obese throughout the years despite his "endless search for the perfect diet" (and he did just about every diet known to mankind!), you see how his mindset changed and he stopped believing everything he had been told about what a good, healthy diet should be. It was at this epiphany in his life that he realized there were possibilities for him that he never knew before to radically change his life forever.

Now, he is an outspoken critic of those entities which stand in the way of helping people overcome their obesity, improve their health, and get their own lives back, including government health officials, the medical profession, the pharmaceutical industry, the food manufacturers, the radical food police, the weight loss industry, and even you and me! When all is said and done, the real responsibility for obesity falls on the individual who needs to lose weight, Morris concludes.

Morris says people need to start making better choices for themselves and stop relying on what society wants them to do. This includes ending our obsession with being so heavily influenced by what marketing executives want us to be excited about regarding the foods we eat and to stop assuming the foods you buy in your local supermarket are necessarily good for you no matter what the health claims on the packaging say. This book will open your eyes to some startling and sometimes disturbing information that Morris believes is vital to understanding how to eat better than you ever have before.

In the process of learning all of this, Morris discovered that this "diet" he embarked on was actually helping him "remake" himself on every level of his life. That morning exercise routine that he once dreaded so much at the beginning of his journey is now a rejuvenating experience that he approaches with an expectant attitude. And despite hitting his "low point" during his weight loss phase because of a bag of potato chips, Morris pressed on to now see and enjoy the permanent lifestyle changes that have taken root in him.

As you read through A Life Unburdened, you will learn so much about the kinds of foods you are putting in your mouth as Morris teaches you not only how and what to eat, but why you need to eat such foods as raw dairy, pastured eggs, soups and broth, fresh produce, fermented foods, and home-cooked foods ("The biggest lie the food industry has fed to the American public is the lie that we are all too busy to cook").

To counter his day in the life of a fat man chapter, Morris includes "A Day in the Life Of a Fit Man" in the back of his book and the difference is unbelievable. You'll never believe this is the same man you read about at the beginning, but it is.

In the last couple of chapters, Morris shares what you can do to change your life just like he did by providing you with specific steps for doing it. They aren't easy, but can and should be done. The choice is up to you whether you are ready to make the lasting commitment to change or if you will keep letting yourself get bigger and bigger until something tragic happens. Don't let that happen to YOU! Victory is in your grasp. It's time to reach for it...before it's too late!

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