Sunday, April 16, 2006

Weight Loss Questions Answered On 'Ask Jonny Bowden' Teleseminar

Health advocate Jonny Bowden wants YOUR questions about nutrition

Despite his recent move away from the "low-carb" label, I remain an avid fan of nutritionist and health expert Jonny Bowden.

I believe Jonny has done more to help people understand the facts about healthy living principles than I could ever hope to through books like his bestselling "Living the Low-Carb Life." I admire the fact that Jonny has poured himself fully into continuing on with this great task of educating people further about what constitutes a good diet, sound nutrition and effective weight loss methods. What an ambassador he is for all of us who support sound dietary advice and recommendations.

To that end, Jonny has created a new web site called "Ask Jonny Bowden" soliciting questions from people wanting to learn more about the subject of health.

Jonny wants people to share their responses to this one question:

What's your single most important question about nutrition and weight loss?

That's it. Nothing more, nothing less. And Jonny doesn't want you to think long and hard about this question either. Instead, he wants whatever comes off the top of your head as a question to ask him as part of a series of FREE upcoming teleseminar calls (schedule to be announced soon!).

Here was the question I submitted to Jonny today:

Why do people make weight loss so complicated when all it is about is making the right food choices for your body?

In fact, here's a special message from Jonny about his new "Ask Jonny Bowden" project:

Click on the "Play" button to listen

The top 12 questions submitted to Jonny will be featured with a detailed answer on his next teleseminar call. Visit to enter your name, e-mail address and question for Jonny and to get more information about this exciting new venture from Jonny Bowden.

Also, be looking for Jonny Bowden's brand new book about the world's healthiest foods coming out very soon. I'll try to get a review copy of this book to share it with you as soon as it is available. Let's show our support for what Jonny is doing.


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