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Glycemic Load As Important As Glycemic Index

The Glycemic Load Diet
attempts to bring sanity to weight loss

Now that the media has jumped off the low-carb bandwagon and has resorted to bashing it to no end, they are desperately looking for another diet plan to embrace. What's interesting is that most of these "new" diet plans are nothing more than just an advanced look at the low-carb lifestyle.

From the glycemic index to the glycemic load of foods, it can all be very confusing. That's where Dr. Rob Thompson's "The Glycemic Load Diet" book comes into play.

Dr. Thompson, a board-certified cardiologist for nearly three decades and author of "The New Low Carb Way Of Life", believes that too many of the diet books focus heavily on the glycemic index while all but ignoring the glycemic load.

The glycemic load does more than look at what is in the foods you eat, but also in the serving size that it comes in. As Dr. Thompson puts it, "Low carb dieting suddenly becomes a pleasure" when you take into account the glycemic load.

"The Glycemic Load Diet" does something very important for any effective and permanent weight loss plan -- the book encourages exercise at least every other day that will not harm your body and will keep your insulin levels stablized and ultimately get you slim and trim. Too many other diet plans out there brag about not needing any exercise, but that is a sure-fire way to sabotage your weight loss plan.

The crux of "The Glycemic Load Diet" is around hormonal imbalance and how it causes people to crave foods they just don't need to eat. Dr. Thompson identifies what those "toxic" foods are that cause the cravings (HINT: sugar, white flour, starchy and processed foods -- sound familiar anyone?) and shows you how to eliminate those foods forever so the cravings go away.

"The Glycemic Load Diet" is divided into three distinct parts focusing on various aspects of your plan for success: Understanding Insulin Resistance, The Glycemic Load Diet And The Slow-Twitch Muscle Activation Plan (very interesting concept!), and Proven Strategies To Balance Your Metabolism And Stay On Track.

While what you read about in "The Glycemic Load Diet" is certainly friendly to people who are livin' la vida low-carb, Dr. Thompson believes the science behind insulin resistance has moved beyond what Dr. Robert C. Atkins has previously written about. That's why he believes people should pay attention to the glycemic load.

Dr. Thompson contends that people who reduce their glycemic load will not only lose weight, but will also lose their desire for starchy and sugary carbohydrates which cause spikes in your blood glucose and ultimately weight gain. However, he contends that "sugar can be your ally" in weight loss because it can stimulate your tastebuds. I don't think so! Sugar is very addictive and can lead some people who cannot control their urge to eat more and more of it to go overboard. With all due respect to Dr. Thompson, that part of his diet is not very wise.

Finally, "The Glycemic Load Diet" discusses fat, cholesterol, and other factors in keeping your metabolism in check for permanent weight control. Of course, Dr. Thompson shares a few of his favorite recipes to get you off on the right foot to begin this new way of eating. There's even a glycemic load food chart in the back of the book so you can follow your progress in your lifestyle change.

In the end, Dr. Thompson says it may not be your fault if you are overweight because of your family history of insulin resistance. But he did say "The Glycemic Load Diet" is "something you CAN do" to change that now.

If you've tried every other low-carb diet plan and none of them made sense, then perhaps the glycemic load concept will be just what you need to lose weight and get healthy. I'm sure Dr. Thompson would agree with me that there is hope for you as long as you apply sound scientific research to your life. That's what "The Glycemic Load Diet" is all about.

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I love the name of this diet!

We should refer to low carb as Low GL, it will throw a lot of people out!


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