Wednesday, May 24, 2006

GoLower Bars Are Fastest Selling New Low-Carb Product In CarbSmart History

GoLower bars
have started off with a bang in their U.S. debut

A little over one year ago I wrote at this blog about the GoLower bars from the UK and how "I was completely blown away by how good they were." I knew right then and there that if these amazing nut-based low-carb bars ever made it to the United States of America that they would do remarkably well.

Fast forward to May 2006 and the long-awaited arrival of GoLower bars commenced last Friday when made them available for purchase to the American consumer for the first time ever.

So, how have they done in less than a week on the market?

Well, according to President and Founder of Andrew DiMino, the GoLower bars have become the fastest selling new low-carb product in the 7-year history of his company and catapulted to the #1 bestselling product at his store in just three days. WOWsers! I guess low-carbers really are excited about getting their hands on these great-tasting snack bars as part of their low-carb lifestyle!

DiMino described the sales rush on GoLower bars as "incredible" and attributes it to the fact that the GoLower "bars are awesome."

"These are not your typical protein bar - in fact they're not even considered protein bars (even though they have about 5 grams of protein per bar)," DiMino said. "They are snack bars that have no added sugar, have all natural ingredients and taste delicious."

For people watching their carb intake, DiMino assures them that GoLower bars are the real deal.

"These bars have about 3.5 grams of net carbs per bar - net carbs not because of sugar alcohols but because of healthy fiber," he continued. "They're a 34-gram bar of seeds and nuts, sweetened with the healthy and natural oligofructose syrup. All in all, they are delicious, sweet, healthy and, of course, naturally low carb."

CarbSmart wants YOU to try these excellent GoLower bars for yourself and is offering a special deal exclusively to "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog readers. You only have one more week (it ends at midnight on May 31, 2006) to take advantage of this so get your order in TODAY if you want to experience GoLower bars.

Use the special coupon code GOLOWER at the checkout and spend at least $59 cumulative (or you can purchase 2 cases of GoLower bars for about that price), CarbSmart will gladly pick up the shipping charges for you and send your GoLower bars with FREE UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the 48 contigious US states.

In fact, if you get a case of 16 GoLower bars in your order, then you will pay less than $2 a bar (and they retail for $2.49!). But you'll want to get at least TWO cases! :)

If you live in Canada or need delivery by U.S. mail (i.e. P.O. Boxes or military addresses) as well as those of you living in Hawaii or Alaska, CarbSmart extends a special coupon code to you -- MAY2006 -- which gives you $10 off any $100 order.

Click here to place your order for these hot-moving GoLower bars NOW.


Also, DiMino wanted to respond to concerns brought up in this recent blog post about some of your favorite low-carb products being discontinued. He said CarbSmart is working with some of those companies about bringing the most popular items back. More details on this as they become available.

Finally, there is a product that is often requested at CarbSmart, but has never been able to sell before...UNTIL NOW! The BIG announcement will be coming sometime in the next month that will delight low-carb fans everywhere and YOU will be the first to know what it is when it happens. Stay tuned...


Blogger flashbna said...

Because you have raved about these bars I bought some other day and I am anxiously awaiting my shipment. I can't wait to get them...I am thrilled there is a "treat" out there that doesn't have all the sugar alcohols in it. Thanks for the tip.

5/25/2006 9:04 AM  

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