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A Low-Carb Goddess, Aussie, And Two Lovers?

It's so much fun blogging about the low-carb lifestyle, especially when you have such a large network of friends who support what you are doing and make every minute invested in this little blog worth it and more!

Despite all the rumblings about low-carb taking a nosedive in popularity, isn't it interesting that low-carb blogs continue to pop up all across the blogosphere? Let me introduce you to three of them today that I happen to think are fabulous examples of what livin' la vida low-carb is all about.


Meet the Shrinking Goddess herself, Dixie Vogel from Kansas!

Pink hair aside, the Shrinking Goddess is quite the character after losing over 100 pounds on the low-carb lifestyle since November 2003. She's not very fond of calling this way of eating the low-carb lifestyle, so perhaps livin' la vida low-carb will be more to her liking. :-)

Like me, Dixie Vogel attempts to help people lose weight regardless of which plan they choose to use. With a history of diabetes that runs in both sides of her family, she knows how hard it can be to deal with health and weight problems.

I could describe the Shrinking Goddess as a female version of ME since she likes to be quite blunt in the way she writes as well. She says she has been voted "most likely to say what everybody else is thinking, but are simply too polite to say." LOL! I can certainly relate to that!

Finally, she considers her weight loss "an incredible gift" and tries to give back just a portion of that blessing she has been given. She hopes to write for a living so she wouldn't have to have "a real job." Hee hee! Oh the dreams we dream. I have that one, too, Goddess! Someday...

Go check her out at


Low-Carb Dave is a friend of my blog from Australia

If you wanted to find the Jimmy Moore of Australia, then look no further than my good friend and long-time reader Low-Carb Dave, who created his own blog about livin' la vida low-carb after being inspired by my blog to do it.

The main reason I have started a blog is because of Jimmy Moore. This American is the most enthusiastic low-carber I know of! If you are not readng his blog, then you are not keeping up-to-date with current low-carb news! Jimmy doesn't stand for the B.S. that the media and uninformed experts dish out when they try to slander the low-carb way of life! He's like the Subway Jared of the Atkins Diet! I cannot rate this man high enough!

WOW, Dave, THANKS! You are so kind to say such nice things about me and my blog (I'll slip you that $100 in the mail -- WINK WINK!). Dave is doing this blogging thing quite nicely himself.

He also started a new message board for people in Australia to talk about low-carb called which is growing and growing. Whether you live in Australia or not, be sure to check out what my friend Low-Carb Dave is up to in the land down under!


Partners in dieting: he's a South Beacher, she follows Atkins

Last, but certainly not least, we have the husband-wife team of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (aka Coe and Leigh) who both follow a low-carb lifestyle to manage their weight and health. Coe is on the South Beach diet while Leigh is on the Atkins diet. Their Low-Carb Lifestyle Blog is where these two love birds share their experiences on their respective plans.

Both of them are livin' la vida low-carb for health reasons: Coe was diagnosed with Type II diabetes about a year ago and now manages it fine with his low-carb diet and medication; Leigh, an on-again, off-again low-carber, has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which she defines as "we have no earthly clue what is wrong with you and we can’t fix it, but if you need some drugs we will give them to you." She recently restarted her low-carb lifestyle and hopefully will stick with it for life.

So there you have it, THREE NEW BLOGS for you to check out! If you have a new low-carb blog you would like for me to take a look at and possibly add to my blogroll, then please feel free to e-mail me at so I can check it out!


Blogger Lowcarb_dave said...

You the man Jimmy!

Wow the Jimmy Moore of Australia! What a comment!

5/07/2006 9:39 PM  
Blogger Leigh said...

Thanks for the kinds words, Jimmy! And for all your work helping low-carbers stick together!

5/08/2006 8:40 PM  

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