Monday, May 01, 2006

Maine Church Hosts Upcoming Low-Carb Seminar

"Feeling Better The Low-Carb Way" is the motto of education seminar

We're approaching the middle of 2006 now and low-carb living has been virtually erased from our culture altogether, right? Well don't tell that to an industrious and innovative church in Maine who will be hosting a low-carb seminar later this month.

Chestnut Street Baptist Church located in Camden, Maine will be hosting a FREE educational seminar entitled "Feeling Better The Low-Carb Way" on Saturday, May 13, 2006 beginning at 9:00am.

Led by South Beach diet success story Ellen Flewelling, the two-hour seminar open to the public will focus on her personal experience livin' la vida low-carb over the past two years and will provide attendees with information and answers to their questions about how they can implement the healthy low-carb lifestyle for themselves. How cool is that?!

"Those of us who have tried it have no desire to go back!" Flewelling exclaimed about low-carb.

For more information about this upcoming seminar, please contact Adam Kohlstrom, the Pastor of Family and Youth at Chestnut Street Baptist Church, by e-mailing him at

Even if you cannot attend the seminar because you live out of the area, be sure to send Pastor Kohstrom a BIG thank you e-mail for being willing to share with the people of his community the tremendous health benefits of the low-carb lifestyle. There aren't many churches who would be willing to promote low-carb for fear of backlash from the misinformed.

Kudos to this church and other civic and religious groups around the country like them who are ignoring these doomsday pessimists in the media and from health groups who attempt to discredit anything having to do with livin' la vida low-carb. But our cherished way of eating is indeed alive and well with millions more people who need to educate themselves further about how this amazing way of eating can help them lose weight and keep it off forever as well as get healthy.

As you know, low-carb living helped me lose over 180 pounds in 2004 and keep it off ever since! WOO HOO!!! We need more Chestnut Street Baptist Church's to step up to the plate and share stories of people like me to help people find a way to overcome their obesity. It can and MUST be done!


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