Thursday, June 01, 2006

GoLower Bars Catching On With The American Low-Carb Consumer

GoLower bars
are going through a "taste test" phase right now

When I first told you about GoLower bars last May after I tried them for the first time and LOVED them, I knew these amazing low-carb nut bars would catch on in the United States when they got here. Ever since their big U.S. debut two weeks ago exclusively at, the bars have been selling at a record-breaking pace catapulting their way to the top of the bestseller list there.

But CarbSmart founder and president Andrew DiMino said he has noticed a rather peculiar trend developing among those who are buying the GoLower bars from him.

“We are finding that new customers are ordering one or two bars at first to try them and then placing another order for larger quantities of the bars," DiMino told Livin' La Vida Low-Carb. "Because of this, I want to give your readers the chance to place their first or second order with us and see how good these bars really are.”

To that end, CarbSmart is extending the special coupon code GOLOWER that expired earlier this week through June 30, 2006 so you can take advantage of getting your hands on these amazing GoLower bars. Here is a reminder of what the coupon is good for: spend a minimum of $59 cumulative (or you can purchase 2 cases of GoLower bars for about that price) and CarbSmart will give you FREE UPS Ground shipping to anywhere in the 48 contigious US states. Click here to order.

Please don't let this opportunity pass you by without taking full advantage of it. We hoped and hoped for the longest time that these GoLower bars would come to America and NOW THEY ARE HERE!!! I give you my word, you will NOT be disappointed.

But don't just take my word for it. Read what my friend Katherine Prouty at Low Carb Freedom said about GoLower bars describing them as "nirvana...these bars are the absolute best" as well as my new friends Coe & Lee at the Low-Carb Lifestyle blog who said GoLower bars are "by far one of the best nut bars I have ever eaten, low-carb nothwithstanding."

See, it's not just MY opinion that these GoLower bars are the bomb (that is still cool to say, right?). :D There's really no excuse not to at least TRY them once just to say you've had them. If you don't like GoLower bars (I don't know ANYBODY that doesn't like them at all!), then at least you can say you did. But don't keep wishing you did and missed out on this chance to try the low-carb wonder bars from the UK! ORDER TODAY!!!.

Go ahead...that's on this link to order...go won't bite...too hard! If you have already tried GoLower bars and would like to share your feedback on what you thought of them with me, then e-mail me.


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