Thursday, June 15, 2006

I've Heard Of Popcorn, But Popped Cheese?

Popped cheese melts in your mouth and is naturally low in carbs

I recently introduced you to a low-carb snack food company called Just The Cheese who creates products that are made almost exclusively with cheese which make them a perfect addition to your low-carb lifestyle.

But get this! Believe it or not, they now have a product called Popped Cheese! Who knew cheese could pop the same way popcorn does, but it does thanks to a special baking process that makes it expand when cooking.

For people who desire a crunchy snack when they are livin' la vida low-carb, Just The Cheese Popped Cheese gives you that without worrying about piling on gobs and gobs of extra carbs that you certainly don't need. And because it made with real semi-soft cheese, you can eat it with confidence that you are getting something that is good for you.

Rich in calcium and protein (5g), Just The Cheese Popped Cheese has just 1g carbohydrates per 5-piece serving and can be stored in your cabinet without the use of any refrigeration.

It comes in three distinct flavors: Butter, Cheddar, and Lower Salt (for those who are salt-sensitive).

Isn't it good to know in the midst of all the junk food these days there are products like this? Order some for yourself and your family TODAY!


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