Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Laura Dolson Positively Reviews GoLower Bars

About Low-Carb Diets Guide Laura Dolson reviews GoLower bars

Since their arrival in the United States about a month ago, GoLower bars have made quite an impression on a lot of people who had never experienced these amazing nut bars for themselves. While I was privileged to try and review them about a year ago, there are a lot of people trying them for the very first time now that they have made their American debut.

One of my fellow low-carb information gurus on the information superhighway is a woman by the name of Laura Dolson. She serves as the Guide for the fantastic About Low-Carb Diets web site. Her thirst for knowledge and insight on all things related to livin' la vida low-carb seems to be unquenchable as she seeks to better educate herself and her readers about what is most important in the wonderful world of low-carb living.

Laura posted her five-star review of GoLower bars and I wanted to highlight just a few parts of that review for you.

Describing them as "somewhat like granola bars," Laura says GoLower bars require no refrigeration and are relatively gluten-free except for a few oats in them. As someone who is skeptical about "low carb bars," Laura said she is "not a big fan of" most of them.

"They tend to be loaded with sugar alcohols, especially maltitol, which I avoid. Or, they don’t taste good. Or they are loaded with non-nutritious 'junk.'"

She said GoLower bars have "none of these drawbacks." Her primary criticism of them is the chocolate flavor. She said the chocolate taste is "very mild."

That's true and I agree with that description Laura. When I asked GoLower Founder and CEO Hannah Sutter about this in January, she told me the British people don't favor a rich chocolate bar as much as Americans do. Therefore, the "chocolate" GoLower bars should be viewed as chocolate-flavored rather than a traditional chocolate bar.

With that said, I'm pleased to let you know that the GoLower company has actually released a line of GoLower Chocolate Bars that I have already had the opportunity to taste and OH...MY...GOODNESS!!!

If you think the GoLower bars are incredible, then wait until you wrap your lips around these REAL chocolate bars that come in the same three flavors as the original GoLower nut bars -- chocolate, raspberry and coconut! I'll be reviewing these bars very soon and they will be coming to America this Fall! WOO HOO! Stay tuned...

Laura concluded in her review that she is "pleased to be able to recommend these bars" to low-carbers! YEE HAW!

Have you tried GoLower bars for yourself yet? NO?!?!?! Then what the heck are you waiting for, try some TODAY! Available exclusively from CarbSmart, there is a special coupon through the end of June that will give you FREE SHIPPING on orders of $59 and up. So stock up early and order often for what is quickly becoming America's favorite low-carb bar -- GoLower bars!


Blogger Cathy said...

I just received my first order of GoLower Nut Bars and they taste terrific! I purchased all three flavors and each one has a nice, subtle flavor and a big punch of crunchy nuts! And, they have NO aftertaste that some low-carb products do. Thanks for the review Jimmy!

6/15/2006 4:08 PM  

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