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Low-Carb Blog Has International Appeal

I am constantly amazed whenever I see my fellow bloggers mention posts that I have written here at my "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog. That to me is the highest form of flattery you can receive from another blogger when he or she decides to post your comments on their own blog (giving the proper credit to the original author, of course!).

But imagine my surprise when someone named Dr. Annika Dahlqvists decides to create this blog post based on my recent blog entry entitled "Diabetes Treatment Shocker: The Atkins Diet" which she found on a health discussion board in her country.

Here is what Dr. Dahlqvists wrote a couple of days ago in her native language:

Livin' La Vida Locarb - en blogg till
22 juni kl. 13:29
Fettskrämdsiten hittar jag en länk till en blogg:

Där tycks det också finnas intressanta inlägg om lowcarb.

I Inlägget från 9/6 berättas om en studie av Dr Eric Westman, Professor etc, som gjort en studie där han jämförde dels en låg GI - lågkalori-kost med en lågkolhydrat/ketogen kost. Det var en randomiserad (lottad) indelning till grupperna. De hade T2 diabetes och var överviktiga. De var motiverade till viktnedgång.
Studien presenterades för ADA (American Diabetes Association) av Mary C Vernon
Lågkolhydratgruppen åt max 20 g kh per dag. Alla fick kosttillskott av bl a multivitamin.
Efter tre månader:
LC gruppen minskade i HbA1c från 8,7 till 7,1 i snitt. GI-gruppen från 8 till 7,5.
LC viktminskade 8,3 kg, GI minskade 5,3 kg.
79% av LC-personerna hade starkt minskat eller slutat med diabetesmedicinerna. 66% i GI-gruppen.

Det var alltså avsevärt bättre resultat i LC-gruppen än i lågGI-gruppen.
Sexmånadersresultaten ska senare redovisas.

Man rekommenderar att patienterna har tillgång till egenmätning av blodsocker, för att kunna minska på medicineringen för att slippa få för lågt blodsocker.

Gruppmedlemmarna hade också fått förbättrade blodfetter.

Där länkas också till en annan studie som visar att LC ej ger urkalkning av skelettet, och ytterligare en som visar förbättrade blodfetter av LC.

I don't understand this language (Swedish?), but I can gather Dr. Dahlqvists is discussing the subject of diabetes and how the evidence from the latest research is showing low-carb to be an effective way to manage it. There are quite a few comments posted there from people appearing to agree with the low-carb option for treating diabetes and they even mention this study by Swedish researcher Dr. Jorgen Vesti Nielsen as well as my fellow low-carb science blogger Regina Wilshire.

This is pretty neat stuff for me because I'm just one man blogging about how low-carb changed my life forever and here's a Swedish doctor referencing something I've written about. Way cool! :D

The international appeal of my blog has been something I would have never expected when I first started writing here in April 2005. But I guess it stands to reason that people in every culture around the world are having to deal with the subject of obesity and metabolic syndome, so they will seek answers wherever they can find them.

While I don't pretend to have all the answers to these problems, I'm certainly happy to share my opinions in an effort to educate and encourage those seeking help with their personal issues with weight and health.

That's what I'll keep doing -- for Americans, Australians, Canadians, Europeans, Asians, and whoever else decides to pop in on my blog. I'm here for you even if I can't understand a word you write to me! :)

So how do you say "keep on livin' la vida low-carb" in YOUR language?

6-24-06 UPDATE: I found this link to a "rough" translation from Swedish to English that may help with understanding the text of the post and the comments.


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