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Low-Carb Stabilizes Blood Sugar And Weight

I'm a pretty chipper guy and can stay "up" most of the time without any problem because that's just a reflection of my personality. While I do sometimes get a little "down," I certainly don't stay down or get what is considered depressed.

But, let me tell you...nothing warms my heart or makes me do backflips (figuratively, not literally) more than reading encouraging words from people who read my blog.

This one I received today was so incredible, I just had to share it with you to inspire you:


I had to tell you how much reading your blog makes my day. I first heard about it in the article on you in SheKnows Low Carb Magazine. Intrigued by your story, I looked up the blog and have been accessing it whenever I can to keep my motivation strong………

I have yo-yo dieted my whole life. Following the birth of my second baby in 2003 at age 35 (and my second pregnancy with gestational diabetes), I was a 100 pounds overweight and miserable. Although my post-baby blood sugars returned to a “pre-diabetic” stage, there was no doubt the path I was headed.

After months of trying traditional low-fat diets and a multitude of supplements and exercise appeared to be getting me no where. Every time I ate a “carb laden” food, even most fruits, dairy and whole grains, I could feel my blood sugar spike and then drop quickly an hour or two later, causing unbelievable cravings and a total loss of self-esteem when I couldn’t stick to a “good diet”. Hunger was my constant companion, and eventually it always won……

Then a friend introduced me to Atkins on-line. I then bought the book, highlighted and underline passages, and within three days couldn’t believe the difference in how my body reacted without many carbs in its system. My energy level and even my temperament totally changed for the better.

Over the course of a year and half, along with doing Atkins and exercise (I even started running for the first time in my life because I COULD!) I lost 120 pounds, went from a size 26 to a size 4, which was the smallest size I have been ever! And also exciting, I was finally free from desperately searching for that one diet or supplement that was going to change my life. I didn’t need it anymore. I also was free from cravings for the first time in my life. I was not even tempted to eat donuts, white bread, and sweets… no more sneaking food…no more guilt! The things that used to haunt and define my otherwise happy life. I maintained that loss for over a year, but………

As the “fall of low-carb” hit the media and Dr. Atkins passed away, I continued to get so much hassle from folks about doing low carb and asking why I was dieting when I was so skinny that I was convinced I should do a low fat, “HEALTHY” diet for maintenance.

Well, after almost a year and a half I have regained 30 pounds on that “HEALTHY” maintenance diet, eating less calories than I did when I was doing Atkins. Not only that, but my energy plummeted, my temperament turned depressive, and worst of all, I’ve been on the hate-myself diet rollercoaster I’ve ridden all of my life AGAIN! My total cholesterol has not been a problem, but on my low-fat diet my HDL dropped to only 17, which puts me at a high risk for heart attack despite good ldl and triglyceride numbers.

When people say that diets are individual—what works for some may not for others—I believe to be 100% true. For people with pre- or full diabetes, the blood sugar roller coaster is a nightmare that I’ve only found relief from by low-carbing. Blood sugar spikes and drops cause such uncontrollable binges and hunger in myself, that I have felt totally out of control when I’ve stopped the low-carb lifestyle.

Needless to say, because of the blood sugar issue I have an awful time getting through the first 48 hours of Induction. I’ve tried to do it a hundred times in the last six months—usually breaking at about 36 hours before lipolysis kicks in and my blood sugar is rock bottom, but finally I have made it.

Thanks to the encouragement from your blog that LOW CARB is HEALTHY, I know I can do this! I love that you cite all of your study references so I can look them up myself. I’m starting to feel a whole lot better already…….

Now at a size 12, I’m working my way back down to my best weight and health. Keep the information coming. You are making a difference in a lot of people’s lives! Thank you so much.

Yippppeeeeee! I LOVE getting e-mails like this! They really do make my day. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for telling me about your incredible low-carb weight loss success and I wish you well as you continue livin' la vida low-carb.

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Blogger Gary said...

I guess I'll chime in with a thank you for your blog too, Jimmy. It is good support not to be on my weight-loss path without the support of others – here. I'll now report that in two months, I'm down from the recent high of 253 to 235. I'm on my way to 180 or lower (we'll see when I get there). Thank you for all the great research and reports that reinforce my understanding and make it easier to stay on track.

6/02/2006 10:38 AM  

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