Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Slap The Pakistani Block On Blogspot Blogs
Pakistani bloggers demand their freedom of speech back

I was checking my blog's statistics through StatCounter (EXCELLENT service and it's FREE, too!) today and I noticed one of my readers came to my blog through a web site called Intrigued by how they found my blog from there, I visited the site for myself.

When I got there, I was greeted with the following question:

Is your blog blocked by the Pakistani Government? If Yes then you can still access your blog anytime using pkblogs free Blog Gateway.

This web site apparently was set up to help people in Pakistan be able to access any of the Blogger blogs housed on It's really an incredible idea and I tried my blog name just for fun.


While my blog is located at, this web site also houses my blog at This is pretty neat stuff, especially for those poor Pakistanis who have had to endure unreasonable censorship.

This pkblogs web site is in collaboration with the effort to get around the worldwide Internet ban imposed in Feburary 2006 by the Pakistani government in response to the controversial cartoon images of the Prophet Muhammed. But rather than target those web sites that posted that image, the Internet Service Providers have blocked ALL Blogger domains from being accessed.

Sadly, they wrote that this is "causing thousands of blogs to be inaccessible for viewing in Pakistan."

If you have a blog on Blogger or if you know of a blog on Blogger, then go ahead and try it for yourself by clicking here. Internet censorship may last for a little while, but ingenious people will figure out a way to beat the system! GOOD FOR THEM! The Pakistan people have a right to be livin' la vida low-carb, too! :)


Blogger Steve said...

Hi Jimmy. I noticed my blog - works too. Although the Google ads didn't work.

Nice find. Keep up the good work.

6/14/2006 9:27 AM  

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