Monday, June 19, 2006

'Ultrametabolism' Author Refers To Low-Carb Weight Loss Success On Public Television

Dr. Mark Hyman mentions my low-carb weight loss story on PBS

As of the time I am posting this blog column, the #1 bestselling book on is a new weight loss book entitled "Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan For Automatic Weight Loss" by a man named Dr. Mark Hyman. I have not had the opportunity to read this book yet, but it is certainly one that I am looking forward to checking out very soon.

Dr. Hyman is the Editor in Chief of the health journal Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and a strong proponent of nutritional solutions to health and weight problems. That's something that people who are livin' la vida low-carb absolutely support and he should be applauded for calling himself a physician in this day and age when drugs and surgery seem to be the answers we often hear from those in the medical profession.

To help spread the message about his new book and his message of healthy living, Dr. Hyman has both a web site and a blog to connect with his readers in an effort to help them overcome their struggles with managing their weight.

Imagine my surprise today when one of my blog readers told me that they were watching Dr. Hyman on PBS television over the weekend and he was talking about his weight loss program and book when something "really caught my attention."

"He mentions…Jimmy Moore! He talked about your one-year, 180-pound weight loss not on the actual program itself, but in between the segments when he sits down with a commentator as the funding phones are ringing in the background," my reader reported.

In analyzing my low-carb weight loss success, Dr. Hyman said, according to my reader, that I "had to let the body’s own processes become changed by the messages that were given to the cells by the foods eaten."

WOW! How about that? I've never met or even corresponded with Dr. Hyman and yet he referenced my weight loss story to illustrate his point about the basic tenets of his plan. Sweet!

I have since contacted Dr. Hyman through his web site and thanked him for the reference on PBS. I also invited him to be interviewed at my blog so you can learn more about what he has to say on the subject of diet, health and nutrition. His diet philosophy sounds vaguely similar to the one advocated by Charles "Diet Detective" Platkin. But I'll be sure to have him distinguish what makes his plan different if he agrees to the interview. I'd also like to write a review of his book once I have had a chance to read it through.

If the popularity of his book at Amazon is any indication of the kind of influence Dr. Hyman is having on people who are desperate to finally find a lasting way to lose weight forever, then perhaps we just might see the obesity rates slow down from the feverish rise they have been having over the past decade or two. We can only hope.

I'll let you know if I hear back from Dr. Hyman about the interview...more to come!

7-7-06 UPDATE: Well, I knew it was too good to be true. Dr. Hyman wrote me an e-mail today breaking the news to me about what my reader had heard.

Dear Jimmy,

Unfortunately I was NOT talking about you - (actually I don’t know who you are) on my PBS show -

With that said – please change that reference on your website.

Also you may feel free to write a review of the book if you like.

Thanks for you support.

Mark Hyman, MD
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine

Oh well, at least he was nice enough to write me back. Now that you DO know me and my blog, Dr. Hyman, what do you think? Was my weight loss by livin' la vida low-carb reasonable considering I have kept it off for two years and counting? Hmmm?


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