Sunday, July 30, 2006

Bravo 'Work Out' T-Shirt Winners And Meet Tess

Ever since Bravo's "Work Out" debuted just two weeks ago, many people have been attracted to the show because it showcases the incredible fitness and motivational talents of Jackie Warner and the trainers at her world-famous gym in Beverly Hills.

Last week I offered three lucky readers an opportunity to win a FREE limited edition "Work Out" T-shirt just for sending me their name and address, the name of their favorite trainer on the show and why.

Many of you responded and here are the winners with their responses:

1. Lynn from Redondo Beach, California

"Although I like all of the trainers and would gladly train with any one of them, I'd have to vote for Erica. She's the toughest and most serious of the trainers. I feel she would push me more than any of the others. My personality gravitates more to 'fooling around'--joking and laughing with the trainer--rather than focusing on working hard. I'm basically a slug--and need someone like Erica to really push my lazy butt."

2. Pamela from Garfield Heights, Ohio

"My favorite trainer on the show 'Work Out' is Rebecca. The reason that I like Rebecca is because she is very upbeat and funny. She seems like the kind of trainer that will have you laughing and losing weight at the same time. She is very cute and outgoing."

3. Garry from West Hollywood, California

"God, I wish I had the $135 a session Doug charges as a trainer at Sky Sport. The man exudes charisma along with a friendly, personable, and no 'pretty boy' attitude often found wandering the streets of West Hollywood ... Jesse is cute, but he doesn't hold a candle to Doug the Stud. I'm hooked. I'd love to have a T-shirt, preferably one that he's worn in the gym."

Oooookay, I guess we see 'em all, folks! 8-o

Anyways, CONGRATULATIONS Lynn, Pamela, and Garry. Each of you will be receiving a FREE LIMITED EDITION "WORK OUT" T-SHIRT compliments of Bravo and the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog. THANK YOU for playing!

Speaking of "Work Out," you DEFINITELY don't want to miss the next episode that features an obese woman named Tess who tearfully comes into Jackie's office asking her for help so she can lose weight the right way through diet and exercise. Tess had been told by a specialist that it would be impossible for her to lose weight and get into shape without gastric bypass surgery, but she wasn't convinced which is why she paid a visit to Jackie's gym.

Meet Tess and hear the desperation in her voice to lose weight:

Tune in on Tuesday, August 1, 2006 at 9/8c to see the next episode of "Work Out" featuring the rest of Tess' story. There are a lot of people just like Tess out there who are being told there is no other way except for weight loss surgery. As a man who once weighed 410 pounds and got down to 230 pounds NATURALLY thanks to livin' la vida low-carb, I KNOW that's a big fat lie! You won't want to miss this inspiring episode to watch Tess' life get changed for the better forever!

I will also be conducting an interview with Jackie Warner in the near future and am taking your suggestions for questions to ask her. Feel free to send those to me at Do you like the show or have any comments about it that you would like to share? Feel free to post them at the link below.


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