Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Finding A Weight Loss Buddy Just Got Easier

The slogan may be cheesy, but don't go it alone with weight loss

There's a new web site I want to tell you about that could be just the thing you have been looking for to help you progress even further as you are livin' la vida low-carb. I often talk about how important it is for you to have a strong support system around you while you are losing weight for comfort, motivation, encouragement, and accountability. But many people have trouble finding this all-important aspect of a successful weight loss program because they can never seem to find anyone to help them.

Well, that excuse is out the window now thanks to a creative web site entitled Weight Loss Buddy. I cannot tell you how pleased I am to share with you all about this incredible community of people dedicated to helping people lose weight for good!

We're all in this together so you can't help but be successful

Bringing the power of the Internet to your weight loss efforts, Weight Loss Buddy is a 24-hour online community made especially for people desiring weight loss and improved health. Take it from me, weight loss can be a VERY LONELY thing that can quickly discourage you without the right kind of reinforcement. That's what this program offers people who seriously desire weight loss and are committed to doing it for themselves.

The <Weight Loss Buddy system is pretty simple: they pair you up with a Weight Loss Buddy whose job will be to be your support throughout your weight loss experience. Additionally, there will be a team of people who will always be available to you when you need help.

"That's our pledge and our promise," the web site boasts.

The basic Weight Loss Buddy plan is three-pronged:

1. Activities

Twelve weekly activities from proven experts that you will be doing simultaneously with your Weight Loss Buddy. You will also begin looking into why you have been eating poorly in the past and gradually learn to change your behavior to more healthier choices. Their philosophy is that "behavioral change is the only really permanent weight loss solution."

2. Your Personal Page

You get to create your very own "Personal Page" that lets you enjoy some "me" time to evaluate how your weight loss is going. This page is not visible by ANYONE else and let's you work on self-development through resolution-building, reading tips and advice, inquiring with one of the many weight loss experts, write in your personal diary, take quizzes and vote in polls. People need to be alone from time to time and this page enables participants to do just that!

3. The Team Page

When you become a member of a weight loss team, you will have access to the "Team Page" featuring the "Clubhouse" of all of your team members going through weight loss with you. Throughout the 12-week plan, you get the support of these teammates as you all seek to attain your goals together. You can talk to your "Buddys," see the updates on any weight loss challenges that are ongoing, check in on the progress of your other teammates, plan events, exchange favorite recipes, get coupons and so much more.

In a nutshell, the Weight Loss Buddy program is a kind of "Pay It Forward"-type of support system where people who have lost weight can help others lose weight who will help others, so forth and so on. The motto that best describes this is encompassed in the phrase, "By helping others, you help yourself."

So how did this Weight Loss Buddy system get started anyways? Well, we have two wonderful ladies to thank for bumping into one another at the grocery store one day: Joan Myron and Wendy Hillard-Green.

Joan was reading the ingredients in that "healthy" cereal at her local supermarket when she noticed Wendy doing the exact same thing. So they struck up a conversation about desperately desiring weight loss and all the temptations that come with doing it by yourself. Wendy mentioned that they should become "Weight Loss Buddies" and they started exercising together and seeing how each was doing quite often.

After a few months, Joan had lost 25 pounds while Wendy shed 30. That friendship grew even stronger and got both of them to thinking about starting a weight loss support system designed to connect people together who wanted to lose weight and have the support that they had. Thus was born Weight Loss Buddy.

There is so much more to this program that I encourage you to just check it out for yourself and see if this may be the missing element in your weight loss plan. While you are surfing on the Weight Loss Buddy web site, be sure to click on the "Meet Our Experts" link which features some familiar names you may have heard of before, including Dr. Fred Pescatore, Jeremy Likness, Dr. Joel Fuhrman, Julia Havey, Dr. Seth Roberts and MANY MANY MORE!

Oh, yeah, there's another "expert" you'll recognize there as well -- Jimmy Moore! HA! How about that? I was asked last week to join their panel and I am honored for the privilege of being listed with such a distinguished list of leaders in the health and weight loss industry. That's pretty neato mosquito! :D

Do you need a Weight Loss Buddy? Then how about giving them a try. The only thing you have to lose is the rest of that weight you've been hanging on to forever. This may be JUST what you need to become that success you've dreamed about. Let me know how it works for you!

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This sounds great Jimmy! I'm gonna check it out!

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