Saturday, July 29, 2006

GoLower Now Makes A Chocolate Creme Bar

When I first introduced you to the UK-based GoLower company last year, it was my pleasure to tell you about their fantastic GoLower nut bars that have since been introduced to the American consumer and have been selling quite well.

Now I am proud to tell you about a brand new product from the makers of GoLower nut bars that will surely be a hit when they become available in the United States this Fall--GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars!

One of the main criticisms of the GoLower nut bars was that the "chocolate" flavor isn't very chocolate-tasting at all. Well they put that issue to rest with these new GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars that ooze with chocolate decadence without all the high-carb sugar that comes in most bars of this type.

Available in the same flavors as the GoLower nut bars--Raspberry, Chocolate, and Coconut--these bars do not contain any added sugars, are high in fiber and protein and rank low in both the glycemic index and glycemic load.

I know what you're thinking, though: What about the CHOCOLATE?!

Mmmm, this dark cocoa rich chocolate is the perfect covering for the nougat-like center to give you all the antioxidant benefits of eating chocolate while you enjoy sinking your teeth into an excellent, high-quality product.

What sets GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars apart from other protein bars is the fact that it is truly all-natural with no artificial ingredients, including sucralose or Xylitol, and no sugar alcohols. Additionally, these sugar-free chocolate bars do not contain any fructose, high fructose corn syrup, honey or glucose that would send your blood sugar spiking off the charts! The natural sugars in these bars are a mere 4g per bar.

As for the fiber, you get 7.1g of prebiotic fiber which helps feed the good bacteria in your body and keeps you satisfied for hours after eating it. I can personally attest to this after having these bars and it's a good feeling knowing you have eaten something that tastes good and really is good for you as well. It certainly doesn't hurt that there's also 7.1g protein to keep your hunger satisfied for hours as well!

Here is the complete nutritional information for each of the bars:

Just like the GoLower nut bars, these chocolate bars are sweetened with oligofructose and the natural flavorings of the ingredients included in every delicious bar. As much as I enjoyed the GoLower nut bars, I have to say these chocolate bars are even BETTER! Can you believe that? There's something about the chocolate they use in these bars that will make you want to consume these GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars again and again.

While the Raspberry GoLower nut bars are my favorite, I would have to say the Chocolate GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars are tops with me because it is a rich, powerful punch of chocolate in each and every bite. Oh, I can't wait for you to try these when they come to CarbSmart in just a couple of months. We'll let you know when they are available in the U.S.

Speaking of GoLower, the Founder and President of the company Hannah Sutter was in the United States recently along with her business partner Kevin Dorren to meet with various business contacts here. She and Kevin were kind enough to swing by my hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina to meet me for dinner at the local steakhouse.

Hannah certainly enjoys making life fun. But she is dead serious about her commitment to bringing the best products possible to the market that will help people eat healthier without sacrificing quality. That's something you can take to the bank about any of the GoLower products.

Hannah and Kevin sent me a small gift of appreciation for my hospitality during their visit to the United States that they thought would be appropriate for someone named Jimmy Moore: it's a "jimmy" hat (must be a British thing!).

I can't wait for you to try the new GoLower Chocolate Creme Bars when they become available. In fact, we'll have an exclusive contest giveway for you to participate in when the weather cools down just a bit (they would melt into soup if we mailed them to you right now in these triple-digit temperatures!). Keep reading in the coming weeks for details!


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Oh please!

Steve is a sad, silly man who hasn't lost a pound. He "says" he lost 100, but his own documentry guy says he doubts Steve lost more than 40 on the whole journey. Look at the pictures.. if he is thinner now then you need glasses.

He walked away from his wife and kids and lost them in a divorce, lost his book deal, lost his home (oh yeah, he didn't have a home he lived with his mother-in-law), and his movie seems to be a no show... the only thing he DIDN'T lose is weight.

He is an angry, bitter man and no one should follow in his deep footsteps.

Don't quit your job and leave your family. Get an additional job, go on a diet, start exercising. Be a man.. take care of your family.. be there for your wife and kids.

But be inspired by Steve Vaught? ... oh, please!

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