Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Low-Carb Snackdown With Smackaroos

The bestselling and best-tasting low-carb crackers on the market

I feel the need...the need for...CRUNCH! That's right, you heard me, I want something crunchy to eat that not made of nuts or cheese. While those low-carb snacks are great when you desire them, don't you sometimes want the crispy, crunchy texture of a cracker that you can put in your mouth to eat with a meal or just as a snack?

Then you might want to try the low-carb cracker everybody's talking about from Rault Foods called Smackaroos Diet Treats (formerly called Cheeters Diet Treats). I affectionately refer to these as "Low-Carb Scooby Snacks" (remember those from the Scooby Doo cartoon that Shaggy and Scooby used to go bonkers over?) and they are amazingly superb for anyone who wants a cracker on their low-carb lifestyle.

Get this -- three of these crackers contain an unheard of 7g protein, 5g of fiber and (here's the best part of all!) just one single itty bitty gram of carbohydrate! That's low enough for basically every phase of livin' la vida low-carb and will fill your need for a crunchy and delicious low-carb cracker.

Sure, they're low in carbs, Jimmy, but I bet they taste worse than cardboard. Hey, I don't blame you if you have been burned by those "other" low-carb cracker imitators, but these are the real deal. You'll find yourself using Smackaroos Diet Treats for dipping in some ranch dressing, melting some cheese on top, using as a crouton-substitute for salads, eating them with your soup, and so much more! They really are a versatile, nutritious and delicious food to keep in your pantry all the time.

They come in six flavors: rye, sesame, plain, onion, garlic, and sweet cinnamon with Splenda (now back in stock!). You get a dozen of these outstanding crackers in each box. You'll want to try them all and, based on the mindboggling sales of this product, it looks like most people have! LOL!

Click here to order some to try TODAY!


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