Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Advice: Don't Let A Vice Entice Your Life

Julia Havey wants you to break those bad habits and get healthy

Before you can share what "vices" you have in your life that are preventing you from moving forward in your quest for weight loss, the first thing you need to know is what that little four-letter word actually means. Do you know what a "vice" is?

The following are just a few definitions of the word "vice" that should get your mind to thinking:

"An evil, degrading, or immoral practice or habit."
"A serious moral failing."
"Wicked or evil conduct or habits."
"A slight personal failing."
"A flaw or imperfection"
"A physical defect or weakness."
"An undesirable habit"

OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, and OUCH! Do all of us REALLY have things like that we allow to creep into our lives? Is it really THAT bad and we've just never realized it since nobody has shined the light on this issue before now?

If you ask Julia Havey, author of the "The Vice-Busting Diet: A 12-Week Plan To Break Your Worst Food Habits and Change Your Life Forever," then the answer is YES and it may be even worse than you even realize. Yikes!

Think about it for moment. How many of us consciously TRY to cause harm to our bodies with the way we live our lives. Nobody with a sane mind does that, right? But Havey says our small choices in life such as mindlessly drinking sugary sodas, stopping by the local burger joint for a quick meal on the go, or even forgoing exercise just so we can plop down on our couch to watch hours of mindless television are all vices that we need to overcome to lower our weight and get healthy.

Although the word "diet" is in the title of this book, Havey will be the first to tell you she does not and will not ever recommend you go on a diet to lose weight because you will simply set yourself up for failure just like all the other hundreds of them you have been on in your lifetime. Instead, she says people need to make those "simple changes" in their lives that they KNOW they need to make the improvements in their weight and health which will surely follow.

While many diet gurus who write books about weight loss are people who have no idea what it feels like to be fat, this is definitely NOT true about Havey who once weighed nearly 300 pounds. But she overcame her obesity and lost 130 pounds because of the very principles she shares in this book. Best of all, she has kept that weight off for over a decade and has committed her life, along with husband and co-author Dr. J. Patrick Havey, to helping others find the success they so desperately crave in regards to their own weight.

Havey is very crafty in the way she explains how two out of every three Americans got to be overweight or obese and openly shares how their lives could change so much for the better with just a little weight loss, including physical and mental changes that you most of us never even realize is just waiting to explode out of us until you lose weight for yourself.

As someone who has lost 180 pounds personally, I can verifiably attest to each of these remarkable changes in my own life. When you have lived with a belly hanging over your pants, shopping at big & tall stores, having trouble fitting in booths at restaurants and in movie theater seats, constantly feeling sick and tired, and so many more daily inconveniences I could keep sharing until next year comes, you cannot even begin to know how transforming weight loss can be. Havey most definitely hits the nail on the head when she describes how your life will be turned upside down by shedding the pounds!

So how do you lose weight? Sounds like a simple question to ask, right? I get posed that question a lot myself ever since my weight loss and I'm sure Havey has heard it a million times herself in the past decade. She clearly outlines the necessary changes you must make to begin losing weight for good and urges people to seriously commit themselves to her 12-week program to begin moving in the right direction. No, it's not like the 12-step programs where you have to show up for meetings and confess your soul to the whole world about your life. It's sooo much better than that!

In fact, Havey is so convinced you will LOVE her program and start overcoming your diet vices that she GUARANTEES you one thing that is worth more than the cost of the book -- you will never be alone as you go through this. That's right, anytime you need an advocate on your side during your weight loss, she has vowed to make herself available to anyone who purchases her book to "help you keep moving forward" in your progress towards better health. How about that?

She assures you over and over again in her book that "you are not alone" in this battle and that there are many of us "loser" on your side who WANT to see you become a weight loss winner. I offer the same guarantee to anyone who needs to find hope in the midst of that hopeless feeling that you'll be "that fat person" forever. It doesn't have to be that way and Havey understands this! She's showing her authenticity about this subject that is near and dear to her heart. Do you get the feeling she's not like all of the "other" diet book writers yet?

Havey says if you begin replacing your old habits or vices with these new ones that she suggests, then you will be well on your way to becoming that thinner and healthier person you have always dreamed about. She arms you with power-packed advice and practical suggestions about the specific foods you should eat, prepare you for the mental challenges, outlines why you need to incorporate physical activity into your life, and so much more. If you take the "The Vice-Busting Diet" plan seriously, then there is NO reason whatsoever why you can't become the same weight loss miracles that Havey and I have been privileged to have happen in our lives.

What would a weight loss book be without yummy recipes, fitness tips, and resources to help you continue on this journey long after you've read the book from cover to cover? Well, you get all of those, too, at the back of the book.

In case you haven't noticed, Julia Havey is a very special woman who sincerely cares about helping people overcome the vices that stand in their way of success in weight loss and in life. It is obvious by the way she writes that this isn't just a fly-by-night writing gig that she hopes to "get rich quick" off of. Nope, not hardly!

Behind all those words of motivation and encouragement is a beautiful woman inside and out who has been there before and knows the pain and hurt of living inside the shell of an obese woman scared half to death that she will keel over and die at any moment. Just seeing others go through that same struggle is very painful for her to watch and is undoubtedly what drives Havey to do what she is doing today. I'm so glad that she is.

Take it from this former 410-pound slob of a man who was on the verge of an early death due to morbid obesity, weight loss is indeed a lifechanging experience. You cannot even begin to imagine the changes that will occur because they really are too many to count. Julia Havey has hit on something here that really works with her book "The Vice-Busting Diet" and I encourage everyone who feels stuck in their weight loss efforts to read this book. Havey knows firsthand what it takes to do this and stands ready to help you, too.


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