Sunday, July 09, 2006

StarchLite Is Just Another Carb Blocker

Pharmachem hopes to slow the carb absorption in our foods

New technologies are coming out all the time to supposedly help people eat heathier by preventing the body from feeling the effects of various ingredients we eat in our foods. This NPI Center story about a brand new product designed to lower the effects of starchy foods is yet another in a long line of gimmicks that attempts to make losing weight and eating healthy easier to do.

Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc. is the brainchild behind this next great product called StarchLite®, described as "an all-natural ingredient for use in the food and beverage industry, which has been shown in clinical studies to delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates; and reduce the glycemic index (GI) and caloric impact of starchy foods."

Oh brother, just what we need is another carb blocker! What's next? SugarLite? FlourLite? ProcessedFoodsLite? Do these companies even realize how ridiculous they sound when they release products like this?

The entire time I was losing my weight in 2004, not once did I ever think about taking a pill to help block the carbs I was eating from begin digested. I can only imagine how that would make me feel. By the way, WHERE DO ALL THOSE CARBS GO THAT GET BLOCKED? Hmmm? Me thinks there would have been lots more visits to the porcelain queen had I used something like StarchLite®. EWWWW!

Sure, it's nice to dream about a product that will "delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates," but why don't you instead decide to EAT LESS CARBS?! Gee what a concept! Is that so hard to do? Do we really NEED a product like StarchLite® to block the carbs for us? I don't think so. Are we gonna start shaking this stuff on top of Big Macs and French Fries to make them "low-carb?" HA! Not in this beautiful temple of God!

In this crazy world of making things easy and convenient for people without requiring them to permanently change their bad habits, this new product idea from Pharmachem is exactly what is wrong with the food and beverage industry today. The companies making products like these actually think they are doing the public a great service and that we as consumers should be bowing down in reverent respect and adoration for what they have offered us. What a bunch of dopes!

If you ask me, they can take their StarchLite® and stick it up their...okay, I won't say it, but I was thinking it REALLY hard! How about we get back to the good ole days of low-carb living and focus on quality foods that add value to our lives rather than trying to squeeze low-carb into this high-carb world we live in. Hey, now THERE'S an idea!


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