Saturday, July 01, 2006 Is Back...Well, Almost! had solid scientific facts and evidence in every article

If nothing else happens as a result of Anthony Colpo's stunning and controversial removal of the content from his popular web site this week, then he has accomplished at least three things:

1. People REALLY DO care about what he was doing.
2. Those who waited to have now bought or will soon buy his book.
3. He still knows how to stir up the waters.

I don't really KNOW Anthony Colpo personally, but he seems to be an extraordinarily talented and intense young man who has a burning fire within him to spread the truth he has discovered regarding health and diet with as many people as possible. He seems to apply painstaking detail in everything he does to make sure it is as accurate and perfect as it can be and that's what people have always loved and appreciated about what he has done with

After my challenge for people who support Colpo to buy his "The Great Cholesterol Con" book on Friday, there were quite a few of you who took me up on that and Colpo took notice.

Here's an e-mail note I received from him after the challenge:

"I woke up this morning, checked the Amazon listing, and was delighted to see that it had cracked the 1,000 barrier (it was at #944 when I checked) and was at #45 in the 'Diet and Weight Loss' category ... this shows me that if I can get this book in front of the right people it could do big things. Make no mistake, I want to tear the cholesterol theory a new one, and your support of my goal is much appreciated!


I'm happy to help, Anthony, and I am sure a lot of your fans want to see you succeed as well. It has been argued that Colpo didn't have a marketing plan in place to HELP his book sell the way he was expecting it to. Every good marketing person knows you can have the greatest book that's ever been written, but without an effective marketing strategy it'll fall flat on its face.

What Anthony Colpo needs is for his book to land in the hands of the right people who could help him get it out to the masses. He also could use a heavy dose of support from all those people who like what he has been doing at for the past few years. Without any marketing dollars to spread the word, this grassroots effort is something WE can and must do to support this individual who has given us his very best at no charge for so long. Put an ad linking to the Amazon page on your web site and encourage all of your blogging and online friends with a web page to do the same.

Granted, there are ways Colpo can get his message out even more. I'm open to having him write columns for my health-related web site (Regina Wilshire, Connie Bennett, Julia Havey, and I all regularly contribute our writing there) where the articles are then syndicated on which gets picked up by Google News. Colpo is cordially invited and has an open door to write there anytime he would like. How about it, Anthony?

One of the problems he is running into may be in the classification of his book with traditional brick and mortar stores like Barnes & Noble. One of my regular readers sent me this e-mail explaining what happened when he tried to order Colpo's book for his local Barnes & Noble store to carry on their shelf.

I rechecked at Barnes and Noble, and they have it listed as a textbook, which means that you can’t bring it into the stores! My habit is to always bring a book into my nearest store so that I waste no freight costs back and forth just in case the book is a dud.

The situation is that B & N won’t be promoting this book without feedback from would be readers. I asked why it was classified as a textbook, and was told that it was because of the publisher, even though it was written by an author who is not an instructor of any kind at any college.

Thought you’d like to know.

Hmm, now that's interesting. Apparently, Colpo's print-on-demand publisher LuLu is holding back some would-be sales because of this misclassification as a "textbook." And, as Colpo noted in his e-mail to me, Amazon has his book listed as a "diet" book. That's gotta be confusing to the consumer who wonders what kind of diet "The Great Cholesterol Con" is. :-~

As it stands right now, remains one big infomercial for Colpo's book with a few side columns on the upper right side of the page (including my exclusive interview with him from last month). Maybe in due time he will be convinced that his contribution to the scientific community with his well-documented research is worth putting back out there and adding to all for the sake of educating a public blinded by the propaganda they have been fed on health and nutrition.

I liken Colpo's frustration to those musical artists who got upset a few years ago when Napster posted their songs FOR FREE on their web site so people could download them for their own pleasure and enjoyment. All of the hard work, energy, time and money that was poured into making the music that was desired by the public was now being GIVEN away without any compensation whatsoever. The music and film industry are crying wolf over this right now with outrage and disdain and they should.

So why shouldn't Colpo? Sure, he put the information out there for people to use and educate others at no charge to them, but why should all of us get to keep on having access to this information without paying for it? I don't hear anyone asking this question.

Do we feel Colpo's hours of research are unworthy of even a nominal payment? Are we too cheap to put our money where our mouth is and support someone who is saying what needs to be heard? What is a measly $25 going to do to the budget of the tens of thousands (maybe a lot more than that!) of people of have been influenced by what Colpo has so freely written about at

How come we can drop $25 lickity split on a meal out at a restaurant with our families at least once a week, but we can't even invest that same amount of money in something that is so much more meaningful and long-lasting than that? Hmmm?

Sure, I've heard people say they don't NEED this book by Colpo because they already know everything about the cholesterol issue they need to know. Oh really? Then why do Christians still purchase and carry around the Holy Bible?


Think about it using this same logic being applied to Colpo's book -- if someone believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that he lived as a human being on the Earth, then he died on the cross for our sins, and finally he rose from the grave victorious over those sins and still lives today, then why oh why would they need to have a copy of the Bible of all things? Aren't they already convinced of the contents of that book? Do Christians really need a book that tells them what they already know and support?

Without meaning to sound sacreligious, please understand I'm not equating Colpo's book with the Bible. Not hardly. But the point remains that although the information found in the Bible (which is the #1 bestselling book of all-time, by the way) is not new to many of those who purchase it but they get it anyway, the same goes for Anthony Colpo's "The Great Cholesterol Con." It should be used as a reference and educational tool that I think needs to be strategically placed where people can pick it up and read it.

Just as The Gideons place Bibles in hotel rooms, maybe Colpo's book could be placed in, say, doctor's offices, health clinics, and hospitals? How many of those people sitting there waiting to find out their cholesterol results from their doctor who is probably all too eager to write them a prescription for a statin drug can be impacted by the message of this amazing book?

The wave of influence this book can and will have is enormous to think about. Why don't you do your part to help make that happen by purchasing multiple copies TODAY and putting them where real people -- the ones Colpo so desperately wants to reach -- can be taught and convinced that their so-called cholesterol problem is one big fat lie? Here's your chance to change the world in your area and watch it spread like wildfire to the tens of millions who need to hear.

Many of you have asked if there is a way to access the old content from and actually there is. Thanks to something called The Wayback Machine, all of the articles Colpo wrote at his web site have been archived here. Additionally, the web cache of his web site can still be accessed by clicking here.

If and when Anthony Colpo decides to come back and bring with him, I for one will welcome him back with open arms just like the father in the prodigal son story. However, Colpo is not "sowing his wild oats" right now on something without a justifiable cause. He just needed to step back and think about what he is doing with his life and whether it is all worth it to him. We can't cast judgment on him for taking a quick breath and figuring out what to do next.

Now more than ever, Anthony Colpo needs our support. No more finger-pointing, cries of disbelief, or the weeping and gnashing of teeth that has happened over the past few days. Give the man a break because he has given us all so much more. If you want to help him reach out to the world with the message of his book, then GO BUY "The Great Cholesterol Con" (or several copies!) RIGHT NOW! The world is waiting to hear what Anthony Colpo has to say.

7-19-06 UPDATE: One of my readers shared the bad news with me about archives today.

Sad to say that you are NOT able to access the archived OMNIVORE site thru the links you provided. I wish we could because I sure miss the site. YES WE HAVE BOUGHT 3 copies of the book.

Anthony did what he thought he had to do. Only time will tell if he decides to bring it back. I KNOW he appreciates your support for him by purchasing multiple copies of his book.


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