Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Colpo Creates Low-Carb Bodybuilders Forum

Anthony Colpo proudly presents the "Low-Carb Muscle" forum

In a recent blog post about "The Great Cholesterol Con" author Anthony Colpo's decision to shut down his popular web site, I told you about a new project Colpo was working on that will focus specifically on those low-carbers committed to bodybuilding and athletic performance.

Well, now it's here:!

The forum is already up and running with topics such as physical performance, fat loss, muscle gain, research & media, supplements, bodybuilding, strength and cardio training, and so much more. Created specifically as a "forum for low-carbing bodybuilders and athletes," Colpo said he wanted the "Low-Carb Muscle" forum to be different from the other low-carb forums that already exist out in cyberspace.

"There are few if any forums dedicated solely to athletic low-carbers, despite the fact that low-carb diets have long been used by bodybuilders and other athletes," Colpo explained, citing Arnold Schwarzenegger's first U.S. trainer Vince Gironda as an example of those bodybuilders who recommended being on the low-carb lifestyle long before Dr. Atkins came on the scene.

This study released in 2005 confirms that more and more athletes are turning to livin' la vida low-carb maximize their workouts and attain optimal results in their fitness training. The fact is that the latest research has confirmed a low-carb, high-protein diet is conducive to losing body fat while preserving and building muscle mass.

Colpo believes this is a subject worthy of more discussion within low-carb and bodybuilding circles, but it is generally pushed to the backburner since it doesn't appeal to the typical low-carber who does little to no physical activity as part of their low-carb lifestyle. How sad.

"I think the status of low-carb nutrition in the athletic and strength-training world has risen to the point where it deserves to be treated as much more than a mere side-issue on mainstream forums," Colpo remarked. "Highly active low-carbers deserve a place where they can gather and discuss diet, supplementation and training with other like-minded folks."

Thus was the reason that was created

"If you are a serious exerciser or athlete, and use low-carb nutrition or are seriously contemplating doing so, then please feel more than welcome to join the forum--it's FREE!" Colpo said.

Ironically, it was the fact that his previous web site,, contained tons of "FREE" information on it that the "freeloaders" took advantage of that disgusted Colpo to the point that he removed the content for good in June this year.

But it appears he is content with having this new forum be open and available to anyone and everyone who is genuinely interested in living an active physical low-carb lifestyle. Anyone else need not bother with the "Low-Carb Muscle" forum.

"If your idea of strenuous exercise is walking your dog around the block, or if you think a 'post workout drink' means stopping at the pub on the way home from the gym, then this is not the forum for you," Colpo commented, adding that casual low-carbers might want to try one of the other general low-carb forums out there to discuss the various low-carb diet plans and ask non-fitness questions about low-carb living instead of this one.

Colpo has set up this forum to reach a niche audience by design.

"LowCarbMuscle is for people who want a forum where they can discuss becoming stronger, faster and leaner, not to talk about which is their preferred flavor of low-carb candy bar!" he said.

Looking for only those people who are dead serious about their desire to "strive to excel physically" and "who use low-carbohydrate diets as the high-octane fuel source for a highly active lifestyle," Colpo hopes the "Low-Carb Muscle" forum will become the most prominent place on the Internet for low-carb bodybuilders and athletes to come discuss their workout and diet.

Welcome back to the online world, Anthony! I know there are a lot of people who are glad to see you back providing a service to those in the low-carb community again. When I interviewed you in June, there was no denying that you still have a fire that burns within you to help people better understand what healthy living is all about.

I wish you well with and invite my readers who think they are up to the challenge to get their bodies into the best shape of their lives to join your forum so they can begin transforming their bodies into lean, mean low-carb fitness machines.

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Blogger BillyHW said...

This sounds awesome! I'm not an athlete, but I've been doing a pretty intensive weight training program with moderate cardio since April and recently introduced a low-carb diet to the mix.

I have so many questions and topics I'd like to discuss!

Though I'm not sure why this guy's upset about "freeloaders". He's upset that people were reading his web page? Strange...

8/23/2006 1:08 AM  

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