Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Getting Through Your Weight Loss 'Periods'

With my apologies to the women who read my blog, do you ever get the feeling you are going through a weight loss "period?" Like a female's menstrual cycle, people trying to lose weight can occasionally just get the blahs and wonder what in the world they have gotten themselves into.

Many times this feeling comes on your when the weight loss has stalled and you are already discouraged because the scale is not moving downward. I've previously talked about the mental test that comes when weight loss is over, but there are times DURING the weight loss when your resolve to succeed is seriously challenged.

We all go through these times when we just don't feel like livin' la vida low-carb anymore. When this happens to you, I'm here to tell you that everything will be alright. I went through 10 weeks in a row when my weight stalled in the midst of my 180-pound weight loss in 2004. Although I had already shed 100 pounds when this 2 1/2 month sabbatical from weight loss hit me, I could have very easily just given up! What a mistake that would have been!

But, as you know, I didn't give up and I perservered.

Above anything else, the attitude that you will keep on keeping on no matter how hard it gets will take you a long way. Just when you think you are at the breaking point and want to throw in the towel on your weight loss efforts may be EXACTLY the time that you weight decides to start going down again. Are you going to rob yourself of this thrill when it happens to you?

Can you imagine if in week 9 of my weight loss stall I decided enough was enough and I went back to eating "normal" again? It's scary to think about, but I would either weigh well over 500 pounds or even be dead today had that happened. I'm not hyperbolizing this, I'm simply telling you the honest truth.

I say it often and I'll repeat it again here: NEVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP! There's nothing more important at this very moment in time than for you to take full responsibility for your weight, dedicate yourself 100 percent to being successful, executing the low-carb plan of your choice as prescribed by the author, and doing it for the rest of your life.

That last part is the key: making this your permanent lifestyle change! No matter how much you want to lose weight on low-carb, unless you make this the way you eat forever and ever amen, then don't expect for the weight to stay off. I was just talking with someone today about this who had gained back weight she lost on low-carb. The culprit? She stopped livin' la vida low-carb!

Why do we want to eat any other way when we know how healthy the low-carb lifestyle is and that it makes us feel so much better than any other way of eating? I wouldn't think of ever eating any way but the low-carb way for the rest of my life. And neither should you.

When the weight loss "periods" hit you and you feel like you could take a whole bottle of Motrin, reach for getting back to the basics and doing those things faithfully as if nothing is wrong. Then watch what happens...

It may not be immediate, but the weight loss will return. When my stall hit me, I still had at least 80 more pounds to lose that year. How many pounds are YOU waiting to lose once you get past YOUR stall? Hmmmm? Take it from someone who has been through that already, just remember that success is waiting for you just around the corner. Knowing that will help you get through your weight loss "periods" with flying colors!

Perhaps you have already stopped livin' la vida low-carb and you want to try it again. What better time to join my "30-In-30" Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge! Make your renewed commitment to living a healthy lifestyle TODAY and then GO DO IT! I'll be here cheering you on and seeking to lose 30 pounds in the next 30 weeks with you. It's time to MAKE IT HAPPEN!


Blogger The Happy Low Carb Taco said...

'Never give up' is essental to this WOE, that's for sure...

8/02/2006 4:18 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

Ther is no gicing up for me, i enjoy the new ME to much, when I have to have the real Hamburger with BUN then i do it then right back to the low carb lifestyle. Thank God for Low Carb

8/03/2006 5:42 PM  

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