Thursday, August 17, 2006

Illustrated Directions For Microwaving Eggs

Of all the wonderfully delicious foods that are available to people who are livin' la vida low-carb, one stands way above the rest for providing the healthiest nutritional bang for your buck--EGGS!

While some people turn their nose up at eating eggs and consider them a negative aspect of the low-carb lifestyle, my response to that is DON'T EAT EGGS! But you'll be missing out on an inexpensive, yet excellent source of protein which will fill you up and keep you satisfied for hours. Can you say hunger-free? :D

That's one of the reasons I eat eggs for breakfast almost EVERY SINGLE DAY and never get tired of them because I can eat my breakfast at 8:30am and not even think about eating again until lunchtime comes at 1pm. Sweet! That's what I call SATIETY, baby!

Plus, studies have shown that eating eggs actually helps you naturally lower your calorie intake. Sorta flies in the face of the counting calories nonsense we low-carbers get chastised so much for. If livin' la vida low-carb is moderating my calories for me, then why do I need to suddenly start keeping track of them? The answer is I DON' I WON'T! :)

Since I don't have a lot of time to prepare eggs traditionally in a skillet in the mornings, I have taught myself a neat way of cooking them in the microwave. If you haven't tried this yourself, it is super duper easy and the eggs turn out fantastic!

Allow me to illustrate for you what each stage of the egg cooking process looks like with microwaving and how you can prepare, cook and start sitting down to eat your breakfast quicker than going through a McDonalds drive-thru (and you don't need to EVER do that anyway!). In this example I use my typical 5-egg and cheese breakfast that I enjoy the most (you can use less eggs, but five is what I have found keeps me fullest the longest).

STEP ONE: Gather your eggs, a bowl, and a fork.

STEP TWO: Crack open the eggs and put them in the bowl.

STEP THREE: Whip them with fork until well scrambled.

STEP FOUR: Cook in the microwave on high for 2-2 1/2 minutes.

STEP FIVE: Chop up partially-cooked eggs and stir.

STEP SIX: Add your favorite cheese on top of the egg mixture.

STEP SEVEN: Microwave on high for another 1-1/2 minutes.

STEP EIGHT: Top with pepper and stir until well mixed.

For more wet eggs, cook 1/2 minute less in STEP SEVEN. For more dry eggs, cook 1/2 minute more in STEP SEVEN. Keep in mind that microwave ovens can vary widely in how they cook, so use these instructions only as a guideline and experiment for yourself what times will work best for cooking your eggs.

So, the next time you are itching for eggs and want a quick and easy way to make them, how about popping them in the microwave instead! It'll get you powered up to start your day off right--the livin' la vida low-carb way!

8-20-06 UPDATE: Our resident mental case is BAAAAACK and decided to drop me another e-mail today about what he thinks of me eating five eggs for breakfast. Look at this little diatribe!

I just had a microwave egg 5 minutes before seeing your post. I was thinking that someone should do exactly what you did. (I was thinking I should do it, but that is ok). Anyway, a few comments.

Doesn't that mess you make get really stuck to the bowl? I generally use a shot of that spray-grease (PAM or generic equiv) before the eggs. There are also times when I want more flavor and I melt a pat of butter into the bowl first. Even with that, the egg sticks a bit.

2nd, and more of an issue with me, and you are not gonna like this, but... 5 freaknig eggs and you have been doing atkins for years now?!

Dude, this is not a cholesterol comment. I like cholesterol. It is tasty stuff and it keeps me warm. Its the carbs and its the poor portion habit. I may have eaten 5-6 eggs when I first started and was trying to make up for some kind of perceived loss of something (that I have forgotten). But, now, I just made an egg for breakfast. (An egg=one). One minute on high btw. It doesn't bloat my stomach into being 'full' but I thought we were all on the same page with that. We certainly don't eat until we have 'filled' our internal cavities. (not talking teeth here).

Now I have seen the back and forth flame wars about calories and portions and I am not getting involved. Leave me out of it. I just say this. You don't need that much for breakfast every day, (unless you are really eating less than that for the rest of the day). One of the benefits that we are supposed to be reaching with the Atkins plan (you are on atkin's right?--whatever) anyway, one benefit (for me) has been that it is possible to reach satiety (I need a spell checker) with less food (by volume, weight, size etc) than with the SAD (std. american diet) (almost sounds like I know something there doesn't it?).

Now, maybe you used to eat 12 eggs at a time or something and you may see a serving of 5 as an improvement. You may be able to lose weight eatnig this way as well. That is great. (it is not really) What I say is this. If you can lose weight with that eating plan, then you can really lose if you knock back on those quantities for a while. (Where is my asbestos underwear, it comes...Jimmy doesn't play that way. Jimmy doesn't control portions. Jimmy likes the way Jimmy eats.......Junior! Get the honey!)

Man, if you spend some time in the ultra restrictive carb mode (couple of weeks, a month or two?) you will see the power of low carb. (My ears are ringing, I may not be psychic but I hear your thoughts and you haven't even thunk 'um yet). I don't need a respone on that.

What you may discover after a relatively short time, is that you will be able to feel satiated, with smaller portions. Smaller portion is less carbs/calories/quantity/cost/time. You may well look at a portion of the size you now think is normal and wonder just what you were thinking. The down side.....well, its not really fun. It is 'dieting' in the traditional sense. It may be uncomfortable for a while. Maybe you don't have the will power. I understand if you are weak. Not everyone can put up with feeling hungry for a few hours.

I mean I am talking about doing this for weeks right? That means a lot of days. Hundreds of hours. It is probably too much to ask of a guy like Jimmy. And who am I to ask? In fact I don't ask. I don't care. Why should I? How could I? I like it better this way anyway. The best way for me to look thin is to surround myself with fat people. In fact I may write a book with all kinds of recipies for pies and cakes. Eat, eat, eat. Engorge yourselves world! and........drop out of school. yeah that's it. drop out of school because the dumber you are, the smarter I am. yeah. I like it.

OK, so what have we learned? nothing.

new thought:

It's all ok. I plan to have a very 'off diet' day today anyway.--- I am visiting an old friend and I plan to enjoy some alcoholic beverages and eat any/everything put in front of me. It will set me back 3-4 days but I will overcome. The next test for me is harvest time for my pear tree. Its like the tree in the garden of Eden. I just can't resist. Its gotta be like 1000lbs of fruit and no one but me to look at it. I give away almost every last bit, but I will have to sample just a few. Then I may just have to bake at least one pie. (10lbs in a month if history serves)

Good luck Jimmy. Tell the world to grease that bowl, and let them know that 1 egg is just 1 minute. You can toast a low carb (6g carb) piece of whole wheat in the same time and plop that one egg right on top.

Btw. As far as other portions I deem reasonable for myself. I often make 2 eggs and one slice of toast for lunch, or 1 hot dog and one hardboiled eggsalad(mayo/egg), or one hamburger(no bun) with 1egg(mayo), 1 piece of gortons frozen salmon (2 in a box)(piece is size of deck of cards) with egg. .........these would have all seemed too samall when starting my eating plan, but now are completely adequate. If I finish that meal and feel a little underwhelmed, I have a cup of coffee (little hvy cream) and maybe 1/2 a sugar free chocolate bar.

OK, there goes saturday morning. You screwed me again Jimmy boy. I am gonna look up your phone number and start leaving this crap on your answering machine.

PS. I just re-read this before sending. (I never do that) I occurrs to me that if you want to give some tips for eating to new low carbers I may have a few. (If I can remember) I used to make a lot of stuff and keep it in the fridge, I really don't anymore but maybe i can remember some and you may deem them worthy of a futute article. Lets see, eggs, I used to boil up like 10 of em and dice up 1/4 of an onion and 5 short pieces of bacon (you can microwave bacon), mayo, spices(garlic powder, paprika,brown mustard,pepper)(maybe something else cant remember) Mix up a normal egg salad and don't eat the whole thing at once. put it in a container in the fridge and eat it a little at a time.

(might want to tell people an easy way to boil eggs is to drop them in pot and cover with 1" water, put lid on, raise to boil, remove from heat and let cool with lid on. They are ready in20-30 minutes but you could also walk away and get to them later in the day.)

At the same time make a batch of tuna salad and put it in another container. Also cook up a whole chicken into a soup and make chicken salad and put that in a container, and put the soup in another container. Make some beef Jerky in your oven (overnight with oven on lowest setting, recipies on internet), put the Jerky in a bag in the fridge (commercial Jerky is full of sugar, you have to make your own), Buy some pre-sliced pepperoni (if you can find a good brand, some commercial stuff sucks), and put that into a container in the fridge. Now I think we are understanding the idea.

Lots of stuf in the fridge at the same time. You can always walk over and get a low carb snack or even a quick meal. There is variety and you may even get sick of the stuff but it never seems to go bad so you constantly have to eat it and you wind up eating less because you are sick of it. Other things I do now,....I will barbeque(grill really)multiple items (hotdogs, hamburgers, steaks) and plop most of it into the fridge for leftovers/snacks. To me, somehow meat products tast better on the grill, even if they are cold or re-heated.

ugh. enough. no more info for you.

Um, okay...if I never hear from you again, then that will be TOO SOON! :D


Blogger Newbirth said...

I have to cut back. The only dietary change from last year to this year when my LDL cholesterol skyrocketed was that I was eating a TON of eggs. So I've cut back to one or less per day. I won't cut them out entirely because they are healthy, low-carb, and taste good.

8/17/2006 10:16 PM  
Blogger 1Peter3 said...

Just made myself a 2-egg cheese omelet. Yum!

I think my 2 egg omelet only took something like 3 minutes from the time I reached on the rack for the pan and reached in the fridge for the eggs and cheese, until the cooked omelet was on my plate.

I'm surprised that you find it takes less time to cook your eggs in the microwave than in a pan on the stove - but then I'm not making 5 at a time either, and I know the more eggs you're cooking at once, the longer it takes to scramble them in a pan on the stove.

8/18/2006 8:46 AM  
Blogger Rob said...

To be honest, I'm not into the microwaved eggs. They turn out kind of spongy and the butter doesn't incorporate into the eggs like it does in a pan.

Granted, it's a little faster and it saves you a pan to wash.

The Zero Carb Daily

8/18/2006 10:40 AM  
Blogger Lee said...

Hey that is the same recipe that was in my microwave book in the 70's. BTW, eggs do not make your LDL go up. Could it be you are not really on a low carb diet?

8/19/2006 6:13 PM  
Blogger Rob said...


I had 3 microwaved eggs this morning. We had to be on the road to Gilroy by 8am.

The Zero Carb Daily

8/19/2006 8:13 PM  
Blogger diamondwife said...

Hey Jimmy,
Honestly, at first, 5 eggs struck me as a lot too, but then I realized, I eat 3 eggs for breakast almost every morning (I prefer mine fried with the yolks still a little runny, yum!)and I am a woman who is much smaller/shorter than you, so in that perspective, your portions don't seem as large as they first did to me.

The guy who thinks a grown man should be able to "feel satiated" on one egg is crazy. I would never expect myself, let alone my husband, to make it through a morning and remain productive on the "fuel" from one egg. He's nuts.

8/20/2006 5:12 PM  
Blogger Carlton said...

Months ago I read, on this site, about covering eggs in the microwave and it is such an improvement over eggs cooked uncovered in the microwave. I cook mine in a bowl and just cover it with a small plate that fits it fairly well. The eggs cook faster and turn out with a better texture. I eat 3 every morning, so I like to change up the cooking methods for variety. Uncovered microwave eggs seem very rubbery to me after learning to cover them.


8/20/2006 7:50 PM  
Blogger bayit_bourne said...

You shouldn't microwave anything at all - nor use teflon. Microwaving food destroys the nutrients. There are several articles on this available on the internet - I don't have an address off the top of my head. And people on my old ADHD newsgroup found evidence long before it was made public that teflon leached chemicals into the food, and discovered ourselves that changing to all non-teflon pans improved the kids ADHD, mine included. Modern cooking methods can and do mess up your body chemistry and nutrition. Stick to an old-fashioned metal skillet, please.

8/21/2006 11:12 AM  
Blogger LCforevah said...

Okay, this guy is really, really, conflicted. On the one hand he seems to imply that he IS on some kind of low carb diet, and on the other hand, he wants to introduce portion control and fat control to Jimmy's five egg breakfast.

His diatribe on portion control was very moralistic. The level of upset over the five eggs was very evident; there's the implication that Jimmy is over indulgent. Yet somehow, I just can't believe that an adult man would be able to function on one egg, and I think that Jimmy's email buddy is kidding himself. I don't believe for one minute that he stops at one egg without adding other foods--whether low carb or not.

8/21/2006 11:20 AM  
Blogger Michal said...

to the obvious nutrition expert complaining about your portions - 5 eggs are only going to set you back about 350 calories. as we all know, caloric balance is the deciding factor when it comes to weight loss, and a 350 calorie breakfast is really quite modest. the average breakfast item - a large bowl of cereal with milk, bagel with cream cheese, etc - tends to be around 350 cals as well... but as you noted the 5 eggs keep you satisfied until 1 pm, obviously a lot longer than that one measley bagel would last!

9/12/2006 10:10 PM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

My point exactly, Michal. Thanks for reiterating it again for everyone. :D

9/13/2006 9:04 AM  
Blogger Angela said...

Okay Jimmy that guy is a nutter. You didn't tell everyone that you insist they eat 5 eggs every day or they can't read your blog did you? Did I miss that part? Hah. Anyways he has far too much time on his hands, and should use that time maybe reading a few books on the benefits of eggs. Does he think it might be better to go and have a massive order of french toast with syrup and butter, hashbrowns, bacon, sausages and some fried eggs and a couple of cups of coffee for breakfast - maybe a rooty tooty fresh and fruity? I think your choice to have 5 eggs is a way better solution for breakfast.

I have a better solution for us working folks for making an egg scramble in the morning. I make egg white ziploc omlettes for breakie every day. I make them ahead of time and stack them in the fridge then when I get ready for work stick them in the boiling water for 15 minutes and voila - all done. No stiring and no sticky bowls as the nutter pointed out. ;)

I find when I have my omlettes for breakfast I don't need a snack in the morning and can usually last until at least 1 p.m. without thinking about food.

Thats just my two cents.

2/15/2007 10:42 PM  

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