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New Weight Loss Web Site Highlights Atkins Diet Success Story

Get real life weight loss stories of inspiration from

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by a representative from a brand new weight loss web site called about having my Atkins low-carb weight loss success story featured there. I had never heard of them before, so I decided to check them out for myself.

Their purpose is to build up a database of weight loss stories from people on a variety of different plans to help encourage others who want to lose weight to give it a try for themselves. The staff at is confident that "real-life examples of individuals who have decided to take control of how they look and how they feel" will propel the people who need to get there into taking action. They're off to a great start!

I was very impressed by the idea of a web site like this and completely honored when they asked me to answer a series of interview questions to be featured on their Atkins Diet page of weight loss success stories. In fact, I'm their VERY FIRST ATKINS SUCCESS STORY! Yeah!!!

They are hoping to interview not just weight loss success stories like me, but also people who are "just starting out with their weight loss programs" and "those who are who are in the middle of the road" to help people at every level of weight loss.

"We believe that the stories and advice you will read here, shared so generously by our interviewees, will help motivate you to stick to the lifestyle changes that you've decided to make and encourage you to achieve the goal that you have set out for yourself."

What an outstanding idea for a web site, don't you think?! And I am thrilled to be on the ground floor of the birth of There's even a South Beach page for people following that low-carb plan. I'm sure they will be looking to add a Protein Power page, a Zone Diet page, and even a "Stella Style" page (hint, hint Kelley Keener!) for those of you who have seen success on any of those low-carb programs as well!

If you have an amazing weight loss success story to share with them and would like to have it featured at, then just slip Lizza a quick e-mail about yourself so she can find out more about you and your story. GOOD LUCK!

As for my interview with them, I was very pleased with the questions they asked and the opportunity to talk about the Atkins diet and livin' la vida low-carb. It's nice to know that not everyone is so opposed to hearing something positive about low-carb living! :D

Here's just a sampling from my interview:

"The Atkins diet has been so effective for Jimmy that he's made a commitment to abide by its principles for life. He's now livin' la vida low-carb,' doing exercise, and shunning sugar. The same motivation that pushed him to start losing weight is what's driving his determination to stay with Atkins and to help other people achieve the weight loss he's experienced by doing it."

"What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome or are still overcoming?"

Sugar addiction was my biggest problem and going on a sugar-free, low-carb plan was VERY difficult in the beginning. Those first few days I wanted to kill myself - that's how bad I felt. I now realize I was going through withdrawals much in the same way a drug addict would crave cocaine or heroin. It was NOT a pleasant experience, but one that NEEDED to be done if I was ever going to shed the pounds off of my body. To this day, I don't have cravings for sugar and I am even repulsed by the thought of eating anything with sugar in it now. To me, sugar is "rat poison!"

"How do you keep yourself motivated?"

That's easy...I have to prove everyone who thinks I am going to fail wrong. You'd be surprised how many people think I'm gonna gain back all of my weight because nobody can stay on the low-carb lifestyle forever to maintain their weight. Oh yes you can, and I'm gonna prove it. Talk about motivation!

"Do you think it will be easy to fall back into your old lifestyle pattern? How do you prevent this from happening?"

Not for me because I don't eat that way anymore. My habits have completely changed and the desire to eat the way I used to has completely disappeared. I knew this transition had happened when my wife asked me to go get her some French Fries at McDonald's. I dutifully granted her request and did not feel the need or desire to snatch even one of the fries to munch on. Additionally, the doughnuts that my co-workers bring to work from time to time and I used to eat at least a half dozen myself no longer tempt me. RAT POISON!!!

Read the rest of the interview by clicking here!

At the end of the interview, they asked me to recommend some favorite web sites and/or blogs for people to check out if they are interested in learning more about how the Atkins/low-carb approach can help them. Well, that was a dificult decision to make since I have triple-digit sites to choose from my blogroll. But I narrowed it down to five in addition to my own blog of course. :) Read the interview to see which ones I chose!

I'm starting to get used to this interview thing now after this one and the recent ones I did for Diet-Blog and with "Diet Detective" Charles Stuart Platkin. Anyone else wanna interview me? LOL! Just kidding. But I NEVER get tired of bragging on the Atkins diet or livin' la vida low-carb because my life has been changed forever because of it.

Let me know if decides to feature YOUR story, too! Wouldn't that be FANTASTIC for the cause of low-carb living?! OH YEAH!!!


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