Thursday, August 03, 2006

Phenomenal Response To '30-In-30' Challenge

When I decided to issue the "30-In-30" Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge that began on August 1st, I had no idea what the response would be. All I knew was that I wanted to lose another 30 pounds in the next 30 weeks and going public would help keep me accountable to that commitment.

But when I asked for you to join me in this challenge, boy have you ever! So many of you contacted me to let me know you would be doing this "30-In-30" Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge with me and that it is EXACTLY what you needed at this time. All I can say is YEE HAW and CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who is doing this.

Here are just a few of the comments I have received so far:

"You bet I am ready!! This challenge is going to help alot of people. I think it helps knowing you have to answer to someone."

"This sounds like an attainable challenge. I'm going to give it a go. I hope we both drop the 30 lbs by Feb. One at a time!"

"Let’s do it! I’m grocery shopping online right now 1:30AM to stock my kitchen with wholesome foods and snacks for induction. I'm super excited!"

"Sounds good Jimmy! I will follow you as you go along."

"I sure do admire you. I am for you 100% in your challenge to lose a little more. I know what it is like to slowly regain some of the pounds lost in the war against fat! I will be rooting for you and also working on my own stubborn pounds!"

"We'll join youi in the challenge! Although we have more weight to lose, we would like to join in on this. It should be fun."

"We are excited to read about this and would like to join and and follow along. We are ready!"

"Sounds great! I need to lose about 35 ponds to get down to my goal weight. This may just be the extra motivation I need to take that last 30 or so off! Thanks for doing this."

"I’ve lost 60 pounds on the low carb life thus far, but have another 40 to get to goal. Count me in on the 30 in 30, but actually my goal is 40 in 30."

"Count me in! Starting weight 242! Oh my gosh!"

"First let me say that you were and still are my inspiration for returning to low carb. I bought your book after seeing your story in a magazine. I've read it (more than once) and read your blog every morning. Thank you, thank you for reminding me that low carb is the ONLY way to eat for me. I'd love to join your challenge because I've still got about 25-30 pounds left to loose. Let's go!"

"I can do that. I accept the challenge."

"Go for it! I'll join you and get there by going back to the basics which is what worked for my previous 50 lb weight loss as well as allowed me to maintain most of it for 3 years. I'll e-mail occasionally with updates."

"I'm up for the 30-In-30 Challenge...I'm in!"

"I'm in for the 30/30 Challenge. Great idea!"

"I think I want to be teamed up for this challenge. Bring it on!"

"I think that your 30-In-30 Challenge is a fantastic idea. I for one will definitely be joining you. Sometimes we all just need that extra bit of motivation to get our engines running. Vrooom Vrooom!! If after giving it my all for 30 weeks, even if I only lose 15-20 pounds, it is still a loss and a continued step in the right direction. My steps lately haven't been so focused. When you have a destination and a map, the journey is much easier. Dr. Atkins has given me the map, and now you have given me a destination. I look forward to this journey!"

"Okay, I am ready to join this effort. I look forward to the commitment because I have been waning."

"I am DEFINITELY up to the challenge. 30 more lbs. is exactly the amount I want to still lose, so COUNT ME IN!!! Today I weigh 158. Thanks for starting this!"

"I've started a weekly chart that I'm going to use to track my 30-In-30 progress."

"I am going to do it too!"

"This was a great idea!"

"I too have lost a lot of weight -- 170 pounds between 2003 and 2005 -- and have kept it off for a year. But now I am ready to lose more. I think this challenge is exactly what I need to start again. I currently weigh 229 pounds and look forward to the challenge."

"I'm up for the 30-In-30 challenge. I was a heavy child and I've been obese all of my adult life. It is really taking a toll on my body physically. I'm 45 years old and 5'4". Last week I weighed 368. Thank you so much for your blog. I read it everyday for inspiration."

"It's been a while since I did low carb. Many lifetimes ago I was a body builder and lived on a low carb diet - looked great, felt great - but that's no surprise. Well, 7 years of marriage, 1 child and some various stress factors and illness, I gained a huge amount of weight. So now it's back on the wagon for me and this challenge is just the beginning!"

"I am very interested in the 30-In-30 challenge. To be honest, I am 100 pounds overweight and desperate! My back is going out on me and I am in pain all of the time. This may be just what I need to turn my life around."

"Best of luck, and I'll mark my calendar as well! "

"YES! I am up for your 30-in-30 challenge! I have toyed with low carb for years, but am now ready to make the committment! My goal: to lose 55 pounds. Lead the way!"

"I'm in. Sign me off of starches immediately!"

"I’m up for the challenge. I have totally let myself go this summer, and as a result am now starting all over again! Hopefully having others that are taking this challenge will help me to maintain it! Great idea!"

"I'm up for the challenge!!! I'm ready....I weigh 240 and have a ways to go. I'm 5'4", athletically built under all this padding. I just had a major turn in my lifestyle that will make this easy for me to stick to. I'm in!! Thanks for being someone I am able to chat with on this venture. I really do appreciate a buddy."

"I need to get 8 more off as of this morning, so I'll call mine 8 in 30."

"I came across your blog by accident just when I was starting my own low-carb diet on August 1. I want to join your 30 lbs. in 30 weeks challenge! I started at 258 lbs. on Aug. 1. I'm down to 255 lbs. as of today, Aug. 3. I'll continue to e-mail you as we ALL continue to lose! Thanks for making this a group activity instead of a solitary one!"

"I need to lose almost 30 lbs; from 140 to 113 lbs. That doesn't sound like much, but on my small frame 30 lbs is a lot. Since I'm mostly in a wheelchair with multiple disabilities, that means losing weight is almost exclusively a dietary issue for me. Please pray for me."

"So I’m going to join you in your venture (I HAD typed I’m going to TRY, but I changed it!). I swore today I would get my butt back in gear, and get back on my new healthy lifestyle (can’t call it a diet!), and then I saw your challenge. It’s seemed like serendipity. Thus far today, I think I have indeed been entirely successful in livin’ la vida low carb. I still have to make it through dinner, but I’m confident! I will be changing my screen saver marquee to read 'The 30-30 Challenge!' That will be a constant reminder. Thanks much for including me in your challenge."

"I’m with you on the 30-In-30 challenge! That will put me under the 200 pound mark, and bring my total weight lost to 80 pounds. We can do this!"

"Thanks for the challenge. I told my husband about it, and he and I both are going to give this a shot!"

"I'm in, buddy. Thanks for doing this!"

"Thank you for starting this Challenge, it is just what I needed to get on track! At 369 lbs I am aiming to lose more than 30lbs in 30 weeks. However, that being said, if all I lose was 30lbs in the next 30 weeks, I would take it. Anything is better than where I am today. See you on the lighter side Jimmy."

"You can count me in too! I reverted to some of the comforting eating patterns of my past, even as I knew how harmful they were. If I lose 30 pounds during the challenge, I will be lower than I was the first time around, and will be a knockout for my 40th birthday in April."

WHEW! And that's just a sampling from the FIRST THREE DAYS!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who has promised to come along for this amazing weight loss ride from now until February (it'll be here before you know it!) and I certainly wish you great success in your pursuit of at least 30 pounds lost in the next 30 weeks.

If you are just finding out about the "30-In-30" Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge and want to join the fun with the rest of us low-carbers, then drop me an e-mail at to let me know. This will help keep you accountable while you are losing weight and I'd love to hear your successes, struggles, and stories all along the way. WE CAN DO THIS, can't we?! YOU BET WE CAN!

Keep on livin' la vida low-carb, baby!


Blogger Newbirth said...

Whoops. I meant to say 9 in 30, not 8. As of this morning I am now 8.5 pounds above goal. Slowly but surely the bloat I gained from my glucose tolerance test is coming off. But I leave on vacation in 4 days! Ack! Wish me luck. I'll be eating airport food for 2 days, and dorm food for 6 days.

8/03/2006 10:48 PM  
Blogger megadittles said...

Wow! You are an excellent motivator. I love your blog.

8/05/2006 9:54 AM  
Blogger Diane; AL said...

Alright Jimmy--I'm in---I need to lose 20 lbs by November to have my TT. That will but me 5 lbs below my goal. Bringing my total weight loss since WLS to......255lbs....yeah me!!! The surgery was a blessing but as I've shared with you before--the LC WOE was the biggest secret to my success. Jimmy--thanks for all you do!!! Luv ya!!!

8/06/2006 5:46 PM  

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