Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Accountability: The Forgotten Part Of Weight Loss

In his video last week about resisting temptation while on the Atkins diet, fellow low-carb blogger Kent Altena briefly stated how remaining accountable while losing weight will help you become the eventual success that you so desperately want to be. This is such an important subject that Kent decided to devote an entire video just on the subject of accountability.

He said the title of this video could also be “Temptation, Visualization, Success…Oh My! (Part 2)” since it continues with the same theme. Kent was nice enough to mention my blog among several other web sites that people can use to find encouragement and help while livin' la vida low-carb. THANKS Kent!

Here's his latest video:


Resisting temptation does indeed take accountability from your fellow friends and family, but also from your virtual friends online. Kent made the excellent point about how you will very likely be more open and honest on the Internet than you would be to those who see you everyday. That's what I noted in this recent blog post.

Kent brought up an interesting point about the scale in the context of accountability. For many that little machine with all of its fluctuations throughout the day can be one big source of frustration. But Kent believes weighing daily helped keep him focused on getting rid of his obesity once and for all. The man lost 200 pounds, so he knows what he's talking about!

Another excellent point from the video is teaming up with someone else to be your weight loss buddy to hold you accountable for not only your weight loss, but also your exercise routine. Kent reminds you that skipping your workout is just as much cheating on your low-carb lifestyle as eating a sugary snack you know you didn't need. Don't neglect your workout. Exercise really needs to be a permanent part of your low-carb life.

One final point that I wanted to highlight from Kent's video is the influence that the naysayers can have on you. I mention this point in my book about how all those people who told me how much the Atkins diet would ruin my health and not work over the long-term actually MOTIVATED me to become the success that I did. I just HAD to prove they were wrong...and I did! LOL! Now what are they saying?! Kent got them, too, so I KNOW he can relate. Feels good, doesn't it, Kent? Na na na na na na! :P

Check in with your comments about Kent's latest video over at his blog and tell him how much you appreciate these excellent videos. Don't forget to sign-up for a YouTube subscription to Kent's videos so you'll never miss one. Got a burning low-carb question you want Kent Altena to address in a future video? E-mail him your best questions and he may choose to answer it. Go ahead, Kent will 'splain it to ya!

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