Thursday, September 14, 2006

Arming Yourself Against Temptation On Atkins

When one of my readers said "something clicked" for her about livin' la vida low-carb after watching Kent Altena's video about Atkins flu the other day, it reminded me of just how vitally important the education process is in a variety of formats.

I'd love to be able to make videos just like Kent, but that's not something I know how to do. I can write columns here at my blog and elsewhere on the Internet as well as record inspiring messages as part of the Health Hacks Podcast, but Kent is doing something just as important in a user-friendly and information-packed format. I know I must sound like a broken record, but you really should sign up for Kent's free YouTube subscription to see all of his videos as they come out every few days. Click here to catch all the outstanding episodes you've already missed!

Okay, today's episode deals with the dreaded temptations that you will definitely have to face when you start the Atkins diet. It happens to all of us and the sooner you figure out how to handle them, the better. I often get complimented for my strong willpower to resist temptation, although it has gotten easier to resist the longer I've been livin' la vida low-carb. And it does.

Of course, regular readers of my blog and my book know how I was able to defeat my sugar addiction and avoid temptation with sweets which was my weakness prior to beginning the low-carb lifestyle. Now, it's a proverbial piece of cake (no carbs!). LOL!

Here's the latest video from Kent addressing this important issue:


If I had to summarize this video, it would be KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BALL AT ALL TIMES! When you begin to lose your focus during weight loss or even on maintenance, then you are setting yourself up to have temptation overcome you and cause you to fall. But you must rise above and stay strong to reach your ultimate goal. Setting up many small goals along the way will help.

The Bible talks about putting on the full armor of God to stand against the wiles of the devil. The same goes for your diet. You need to arm yourself with protection to keep that obesity monster at bay because he will always be lurking around the corner watching for you to put your guard down. Stay alert and don't let that ever happen.

Kent says to visualize that goal you have for yourself intently, plan properly for times when you are most vulnerable to giving in, and then having others hold you accountable (which is why I highly encourage people to start a low-carb weight loss blog). Arming yourself against temptation on the Atkins diet is a major part of whether you succeed or fail on your low-carb lifestyle. If you are serious about losing weight and getting healthy, then you won't let temptation get the best of you.

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