Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Health Hacks Podcast: Episode 3 Has Arrived!

The Health Hacks Podcast is like a cup of java to wake up your health

Have you had a chance to listen to the "The Health Hacks Podcast" yet? What a fun way to learn about all kinds of health tips from people who have taught themselves a thing or two about healthy living through their own experiences. I am so privileged to be a member of the Health Hacks Podcast Posse and urge you to give these podcasts a listen when they come out each week.

For those of you who missed Episode Beta and last week's Episode 2, go back and listen to them if you get a chance. We're already at Episode 3 and invite you to experience the Health Hacks Podcast for yourself.

Click on the PopUp Player below to listen to the Health Hacks Podcast:

icon for podpress  Health Hacks Podcast Episode 3: PopUp Player

You get to hear some interesting ideas this week, including a unique workout routine called Shovelglove from Reinhard Engels, fitness tips from a special guest named Gus Caveda, a synthesis of the best ideas from each diet from Executive Producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien, and how to help your server when dining out at a restaurant while on a low-carb diet from me.

Please leave your honest feedback about the show at the Health Hacks Podcast Episode 3 show notes post.

Have you listened to these podcasts? If so, what do you think? We'd really like to know if you find them useful or if you think they're garbage. You won't hurt our feelings at all because we're all just a bunch of guys trying to offer helpful hints about health for others to learn from. Your feedback is very much appreciated--good, bad or ugly! How about it?

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