Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Health Hacks Podcast: Episode 5 Is Alive

The Health Hacks Podcast is back and better than ever!

After my engaging interview yesterday with Executive Producer Kevin Kennedy-Spaien, he has posted Episode 5 of The Health Hacks Podcast and it is now available for your listening pleasure. :)

Click on the MP3 logo to listen on your computer's audio player or you can click on the PopUp Player to hear the show in a tiny box while you are surfing the Internet. Prepare to be entertained and educated with this week's episode:

icon for podpress  Health Hacks Podcast Episode 5: PopUp Player

We have a special guest, Megin Hatch from Career Mom Radio. Megin is a triathelete and she shares her personal story this week about what drives her on her quest for fitness.

Our new friend Sara from Sri Lanka sends us a tip and a question about the Glycemic Index which I had the privilege of providing the answer to about what are some surprising low-glycemic foods she can eat.

Reinhard Engels of Everyday Systems shares the Ballad of the Urban Ranger, and teaches us all a heartwarming lesson about purposeful walking. And hobbits.

Chris Brogan (now with Pulver.TV) returns after a two week hiatus with a motivational reflection on the power of Today.

Finally, I get to bring the alarming tale of the sweetener from beyond the pale: HFCS (remember THIS blog post?!).

As always, provide your feedback on this week's episode at The Health Hacks Podcast web site. Word up!

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