Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ray Kelly Demonstrates A Fitness Assessment

There's someone joining my low-carb weight loss blogging friend Kent Altena in making videos on YouTube to help others attain that healthy lifestyle they've been searching for. It's another one of my blogging friends who hails from Australia and his name is Ray Kelly.

This is the fitness trainer who I recently interviewed about his work with "The Biggest Loser" Australia winner Adro Sarnelli is dedicated to helping educate people about fitness and exercise to get their bodies into shape.

Ray has already been doing that with his phenomenal online resource and now he is making some outstanding videos like the one you'll see below for people to get their fitness program started off the right way.

See what I mean with his latest video on doing a fitness assessment:

WOW, that's some awesome information, Ray! To sign up for regular video updates, you can simply click here. I am sure you will find lots of incredibly useful information from Ray to complement this lifestyle change you have made with your low-carb plan. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, Ray!

While I was at YouTube today, I couldn't help but notice this video:

Ray, do you think you can do anything with this woman? GOOD LUCK!

10-23-06 UPDATE: Ray decided to create a new blog to house his and other videos from YouTube. The blog is called Healthy Video Blog. Check it out!

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