Monday, December 11, 2006

'The Furious Dieter' With Weight Loss Woes

Emily is insulin resistant and is now using low-carb to lose weight

Ever since my nearly 200-pound weight loss on the Atkins diet, my heart literally aches for people who struggle with their weight and overall health. The pathway to a better life is not an easy one, but it is indeed possible as my story of triumph hopefully proves to anyone who thinks otherwise. That's why it breaks my heart to see people like Emily Green struggling.

This good-looking 23-year old Goshen, Indiana woman visited one of my other low-carb web sites on submitted her blog called "The Furious Dieter" for inclusion in the directory. I quickly obliged and after taking a look at her blog a little bit closer.

Here's how Emily describes her blog:

"I'm a 23 year old woman diagnosed with insulin resistance. I need to do a low-carb diet in order to lose my extra fluff. I can't diet, but I try."

Intrigued, I browsed around Emily's blog to see what she's really all about. I noticed she is a happily married woman who loves her cat and would "love to add a few babies" to her household. That sounds familiar since my wife Christine and I have FOUR cats and have been trying to get pregnant for over ten years. Small world.

Emily's goal of losing her "extra fluff" is what drew me to her story and the fact that she is insulin resistant, a precursor to diabetes, piqued my curiosity even further since low-carb diets are an excellent way to help people with that condition. She admits that her insulin sensitivity has really "messed up my body" and forced her to start taking Metformin to help normalize the functions of her body.

She provides a seemingly uplifting greeting to visitors of her blog.

"Join me through my ups and downs & eventually to weight loss success!"

But what's with this "furious dieter" mantra? That's what concerned me the most when I first saw the name of Emily's blog. Is she "furious" about her weight getting up to 285 pounds? Is she "furious" that she feels like she must suffer to get down to her goal weight of 180 pounds? What's got her so angry, depressed, and yes "furious?"

Reading through her blog, you get a better understanding of that. She's tempted by sugar at the coffee shop she works for, she describes herself as a "porker" because the scale doesn't move down as fast as she would like, and her favorite phrase has got to be "I suck at life" which she repeats again in this blog post as well as this one.

I can see from just these few examples of Emily's innermost thoughts that she unfortunately has a low self-image about herself which can certainly explain why her weight has gotten as big as it has. Even after losing an impressive 24 pounds so far, she's still depressed, upset, and down in the dumps. What she desperately needs is a boost of support, encouragement and positivity in her life right now if she is ever going to get out of her dieting doldrums.

So, let's do this: Send Emily an e-mail and tell her that she's doing fantastic with her weight loss. Be sure to urge her to continue on with the progress she is making in her journey and to NEVER GIVE UP!

Share with her your low-carb story and let her know that we are a community of people who stand ready to help her with any questions or concerns that she may have about livin' la vida low-carb. She may feel all alone in this endeavor which is why we must all show her otherwise. Together, we can make this a virtual Christmas present especially for Emily to share love and compassion with her at this time.

Won't you join me in helping this lovely woman in her time of need?

12-13-06 UPDATE: Well, Emily heard from you according to this blog post she wrote. Here's just a bit about what she said:

"I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has sent me messages of encouragement! It really means something. And, a special thank you to Mr. Moore for taking the time to take a gander into my life and write something about me."

You are VERY welcome, Emily! Keep your chin up, girl, because you WILL succeed at your low-carb lifestyle. Come by and visit us here at "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" anytime. :D God bless you!

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Blogger Rob Tucker said...

I hope you don't take this as a spam message, and apologize in advance, but there's a few of us that are trying to lose 100 pounds each, and your story is motivating.

Basically what we're trying to do is get more people to constantly check up on us, and make comments to keep us in check. My blog is:

If you want, we can create a 'ring' of anyone who wants to, or can use, the support.

Again, apology for the 'spam'-ish message out of nowhere, but if you're interested, let me know?

12/12/2006 2:24 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Jimmy thanks for posting....I'm going to check out her blog.

Yours too Rob!

And mine is here:


12/13/2006 10:48 PM  

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