Saturday, December 23, 2006

The Old Flipperoo Makes Pictures Look New

I'm gonna flip if my digital camera takes better pictures now

One of the very best investments I made last year was getting up real early on the day after Thanksgiving to buy a brand new digital camera. Although my Kodak Z760 Easyshare Digital Camera is over a year old, I still LOVE it as much as I did on the day I bought it. For anyone with a blog, it adds so much!

I've had some fun with my digital camera this year showing my "obese body," revealing for the first time my loose skin following my 180-pound weight loss, reacting to the various flavors of Sweetriot, and so much more! Yes, I'm a ham when it comes to being in and taking pictures and proudly so. :)

But with Christmastime this weekend and all of the millions of pictures that will be taken, did you know there was a neat little trick you can do to make them look even better? Especially those of you with a lot of "old people" (is there a better euphemism for this than "seniors?") among your yuletide clan, check this out!

According to this Yahoo story highlighting a tip from, all you need to do to take better pictures of your loved one's faces is TURN YOUR DIGITAL CAMERA UPSIDE DOWN! Say what?! Sounds strange, but there's a logical explanation that makes sense when you stop to think about it.

Think about where the flash is located on your camera--it's at the top, right? Well, when the light source comes from above, guess what that does to the pictures of those good-looking family members? Exactamundo! Shadows, wrinkles, and sometimes black eyes.

But not anymore!

Do the flipperoo with your camera this weekend and now the flash will produce light from below rather than above which will completely negate any of those issues with the flash above. Of course, it's awkward at first using your thumb rather than your index finger to take the photo, but you'll get the hang of it.

Why haven't camera companies thought of this before? Whose bright idea was it to put the flash at the top of the camera in the first place, hmmm? Sorry, I just think about these odd, senseless things sometimes.

If you still prefer to take pictures the conventional way (come on, where's your nonconformist spirit?! LOL!), one of the commenters at had a superb suggestion for you. Here's what he wrote:

"Use a small piece of white paper [over the flash] and it will disperse the flashed light in an equally pleasing manner."

Now there's an idea! Above all, have FUN taking photographs with your digital camera because you are making lasting memories with those kids, uncles, grandmas, and all the other precious people you call family. Isn't that what sharing time together at Christmas is REALLY all about?

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