Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'm Stuck In Reno For A Couple More Days

Life is just so full of curve balls. Such is life.

Today, my wife Christine and I had every intention of heading back on a plane (oh boy, yet another high-carb snack to enjoy--NOT!) to our hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina. But, as luck would have it, we were one of the fortuitous folks who got overbooked and subsequently "bumped" from our flight.


I suppose this is bound to happen more often than not when they decide to purposefully overbook the plane by 10 people (yep, the Continental Airlines rep confirmed to me that they do it all the time! ARGH!), but this is TWICE it has happened to us in the past three flights we have taken. Oh well, so whaddya do about it, right? Grin and bear it, then move on. It's all good.

They did put us up in a hotel today and tomorrow at no charge, gave us free meal vouchers so we can eat in the one and only restaurant in the building (I sure hope they've got SOMETHING low-carb!), provided $600 worth of future Continential flights (SWEET!), and a limo ride to the airport in Sacramento, California tomorrow night.

Our flight leaves out of there around midnight on Monday morning and we'll get back home by Monday afternoon going through Houston and Atlanta along the way. The only thing I requested from them was to put us in first class for our trouble--AND THEY DID! Sweetness since my big ole long legs on my 6'3" body have been scrunched up like sardines on these multiple flights.

Well, if you are a regular reader of my blog (and why wouldn't you be since everyone else already is? *grin*), then you know me and the Mrs. have been in Reno, Nevada since Wednesday as part of the HPBA Expo looking at and experiencing grills, grills, and more grills. You gotta love it and you LITERALLY will when you find out about your opportunity to win one of the top-of-the-line grills available in 2007. More details will be forthcoming so keep reading (see, I told you it's worth your time to read my blog all the time).

It has been an exhausting trip, but so much fun and informative about the BBQ industry. We even won a FREE BBQ grill in a drawing the other day, so Christine is VERY happy about that. And so am I since a grill can be a low-carber's best friend. Just about ANY food tastes better cooked on a BBQ grill. Mmm mmm, I can't wait to strike up the barbie, baby!

You will get to hear three different interviews from people in the BBQ industry in upcoming podcast shows: Leslie Wheeler from the HPBA discussing the skyrocketing popularity of grilling, author Karen Adler who is one of the two self-proclaimed "BBQ Queens," and finally (drumroll's the "famous" BBQ expert so many of you were trying to guess the indentity of) I have bestselling author and the host of the popular PBS television show "BBQ U" Steven Raichlen. Each of these interviews will give you a glimpse of what's happening now in the wonderful world of BBQ.

That's what you have to look forward to when I can get back to Spartanburg.

For now, I have FREE WiFi Internet access in the hotel I am staying at until Sunday night. Don't you know I'll be blogging away the best I know how to try to get back into my normal routine again. THANKS as always for your faithful readership to the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog.

When you see what I have for you in the month of April to celebrate my two years of blogging, then hopefully you will continue to keep coming back here and sharing with others the work I am doing to educate and encourage those who are desiring not just weight loss, but a happier and healthier life. You guys are AWESOME!

Cheerio...gotta go check out that restaurant in the lobby now! :)

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