Saturday, March 17, 2007

Julia Havey's Diet Package Promises Weight Loss

Fellow author, blogger, and friend Julia Havey is offering a very special diet package for everyone who reads the "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb" blog. As you know, Julia is a well-known and highly-respected motivational weight loss coach who has a knack for giving people who struggle with their weight that extra little something to get them to succeed. After all, she's done it and now she wants to help others do it, too!

Here's what you'll fiind in Julia Havey's Vice Busting Diet package:

- The 26-week Vice Busting Diet audio program
- A FREE copy of Julia's fantastic new book The Vice Busting Diet
- A self-discovery journal
- Daily audio lessons for weeks 1-3
- Weekly audio lessons for weeks 4-26
- Motivational lessons
- A year's worth of inspiring articles
- A nutrition guide
- Mike Jaude's "Secrets of the Fittest" workout DVD

This special package becomes even more special for YOU when you use the coupon code LOWCARB when you log on to That little phrase alone will save you $25 off the regular price of Julia Havey's Vice Busting Diet package and give you access to all of these superb resources.

I know Julia Havey personally and can tell you there is not a more enthusiastic person who genuinely cares about helping people not just lose weight, but keep it off over the long-term than her. She's not just another "diet" guru, but rather somebody who is LIVIN' it in the day-to-day and proving weight management is indeed possible! Let her cheer you on to success!

Don't forget to use LOWCARB at the checkout if you decide to take advantage of this offer.

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