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Bulimic Cries Out For Help At Low-Carb Blog

Life has been so super busy for me lately with so much going on that it's hard to fit everything into the day that I'd like to be doing. That's okay because being busy beats the alternative when I was morbidly obese weighing over 400 pounds! Plus the time I am investing in the things I am doing are worthwhile. One of those things is receiving and answering hundreds of e-mails a week from people about low-carb, diet, health, and weight loss.

One of the saddest e-mails I have received in a long time came this week from a woman named Frances. This young lady is going through some very difficult times in her life right now and she really doesn't know what to do. She came to me broken and looking for restoration in what she sees as a hopeless existence. I share this e-mail with you because perhaps you are feeling like a Frances, too.

Read her heartbreaking story and you'll see what I mean:

Hi Jimmy,

My name is Frances and I am 26. I am not obese, but just a little overweight. Weight has been an issue for me ever since I was a child growing up. Sometimes it even had an impact on my social and spiritual life.

I exercise alot, but I eat a lot too! For example, when I started to a eat a little and I can already feel I am very full, I would continue to binge especially on fatty foods for no reason at all. Later on, all I can do is throw it up.

And there was one time, I decided to go to my "bulimia" support session which I ended up missing because I looked all puffy and teary from throwing up, so I didn't want to see anyone or have anyone see me like that. During my fat days after some business travelings, I refused to go to church because I knew I would have received some comments about the extra weight I had gained.

What I ended up doing was hiding at home most of the time. I really missed some of my old high school friends, but I am too ashamed to see them anymore because I feel so out of place!!! I need a lot of self-control and I simply can't resist temptation. I have prayed to God and asked Him for self-control, but I am still struggling now!

I am looking for some advice from you and hope you can help....

God Bless You!


Click here to read my encouragement back to Frances and to provide her with your own positive comments, especially if you are someone who has been a bulimic and overcome it in your life. Let's flood Frances with uplifting and hopeful messages so she realizes her life is worth so much more than she believes it does now. THANKS for caring for this precious child of God.

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Blogger Science4u1959 said...

Many researchers, the late great dr Atkins included, have found that 500mg of Niacin per day helps those suffering from either anorexia and bulimia. It also has the added benefit of cancer protection. It may (very) moderately raise blood sugar in diabetics, but that can be countered by adding chromium. In some sensitive people, taking Niacin may cause some "flushing" of the skin; a harmless yet to some irritating tingling, itching warmth as a result of bodily histamine release. It wears off over time when Niacin is taken regularly. If this lady cannot stand it, there is an alternative: IHN or inositol hexanicotinate. It's a synthetic form and breaks down into 6 molecules of Niacin plus one of inositol. It does the same as Niacin but without the flushing effect. It is also more safe for the liver for some patients. Take Niacin (or IHN) with meals and take a aspirin with it. This will minimize the flushing effects.

For optimal results all of this has to be combined with a controlled-carbohydrate dietary regimen plus adequate nutritional supplements, especially essential fats.

Some researchers (and I happen to agree with them) contend that the root cause of bulimia (and/or anorexia) may very well be a lack of fat in the diet, possibly since childhood, as a result of bad (read: recommended) dietary habits. The body (esp. the brain) is craving healthy fats in order to function and these cravings can be completely irresistible.

This lady, in other words, should not blame herself but the dietary delusions of Gov't and health "experts".

4/04/2007 12:46 AM  

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