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You Haven't Tasted Water Until You've Tried The NANO H2O

NANO H2O promises years worth of high-quality water

Water is one of those key ingredients in an effective weight loss plan, especially livin' la vida low-carb, that people like to moan and complain about. Why? Because most of them think water is disgusting primarily because they are drinking tap water. Why else would the bottled water industry experience such an explosion in popularity over the past decade?

But you know what? I've got some secrets to tell you about that supposedly "better" bottled water. Shhhhh! The manufacturers don't want you to know this, but most bottled water sold in the United States is NOT even filtered or better for you than tap water because it comes directly from the public municipalities. GASP! What makes this really bad is the fact that you pay so much more for bottled water than tap. Dangit!

So what choice do we have about getting safe, great-tasting water from the convenience of our own home at an affordable price? I think I've found the answer for you: the NANO H2O water purification system.

Your tap water has to go through all these filters first

From the makers of the fantastic air purifier system NANO O2 I told you about a few months back, this water filtration contraption is one of the most incredible water purifiers I have ever seen in my life (and those measly little Brita filters don't even come close to matching this!).

The NANO H2O goes through a 5-stage process that thoroughly scrubs the impurities out of your tap water:

Stage 1: Pre filter: 5 micron. Sediment filter
Stage 2: Pre filter: KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) Carbon Filter
Stage 3: RO Membrane: 35 GPD TFC (Thin Film Composite)
Stage 4: Post Filter: Coconut Carbon Inline Filter
Stage 5: Post Filter: GAC Carbon Filter

Once your water has been through the NANO H2O purifier and you put it up to your lips to drink, you'll notice several qualities about the water--it's a little bit bubbly from the oxidation and there isn't that unpleasant smell you get from regular tap water. But the real proof is when you take your first drink...AHHHHH! Now THAT is what water is supposed to taste like.

I love the polished designer spigot with my NANO H2O

I had the NANO H2O installed by a plumber a few months ago and have been using it on a daily basis ever since. The 3.5-gallon storage tank is constantly being replenished as you use it throughout the day. That's a good thing since I drink upwards of 1-2 gallons of water a day! Plus, my four cats Muffin, Ginger, Smoky and Peaches get to drink the freshest water their cute little tongues will ever lap up into their mouths.

But the NANO H2O is not just for drinking water.

You can and should use your NANO H2O filtered water for cooking, too. Whether you realize it or not, that tap water you use can change the taste of your food. EWWW! Whenever I cook up some Dreamfields low-carb pasta, I fill up a saucepan with my NANO H2O water. The food absolutely tastes better because it doesn't have the funky wang from your tap water. The same goes for beverages like tea and coffee which you'll notice a marked improvement. Sweet!

It's a big holding 3.5-gallon tank that fits beneath your sink

The neat thing about the NANO H2O system is you don't have to worry about it one bit for two years before you change the first filter. These replacement filters even come with your unit, so you get four full years of delicious and healthy water before you need to get replacements. This really is a hassle-free system and I've enjoyed it for several months already.

How do you know it's time to replace the filters? There's an electronic filter replacement monitor attached to the unit. Don't you just LOVE technology these days? :D Replacing the filter is super-easy, too, with "quick-connect filters" that do not require the use of a tool. COOL BEANERS!

You also get a FREE gift with the purchase of the NANO H2O--a shower head filter! Since installing this on my shower head, the water when I bathe has been softer and I feel so much cleaner after a shower than I did before. In fact, I don't have to use as much shampoo or soap because the water rinses off so much easier. If you have hard water in your area, then you will especially want this added gift!

Made in the USA, the NANO H2O water filtration system has a 5-Year Housing Warranty as well as a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if you don't think this is the best-tasting water you've ever drank in your entire life. For just a few pennies a day, you can enjoy REAL water for perhaps the first time in your entire life. Why not take the NANO H2O challenge for yourself?

Go pay a visit to the NANO H2O web site for more info.

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Water and air purification should be a part of every home.

On a side note: You know what scares me about Splenda?

Answer: It satisfies you users.

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