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Former Triathlete Promoting Primal Nutrition

Mark Sisson helping people learn the importance of good nutrition

Have you ever wondered when you stepped inside of your local drug or health food store and saw all those vitamins and other dietary supplements lined up in such an intimidating display exactly how much of what you really need? Believe me, I have and you can go broke buying the WRONG kind or quantities if you don't know what you are doing.

If anyone knows what proper nutrition and healthy supplementation is supposed to look like, then I would think a former marathon runner and world-class athlete would qualify. That's exactly what Mark Sisson is which explains why he is the perfect person to create a business called Primal Nutrition.

You may recall when I blogged earlier this year about Mark's incredibly entertaining and educational blog called Mark's Daily Apple where he espouses healthy living the low-carb way. Mark and I have a mutual respect for each other since our basic dietary and blogging philosophies are mirror images. You could even sense that when he interviewed me for his blog back in March.

But Mark Sisson is a much more professionally qualified health and fitness blogger than I'll ever be because he was a key player in bringing the triathlon to the Olympic games as an official sport. Yep, Mark is a bona fide athlete who deserves to be heard because he knows from whence he speaks.

When he retired from professional competition, Mark decided he wanted to build upon his own personal health experiences to provide high-quality supplement information and products to the public. He began by publishing numerous articles on fitness, health and wellness which you can enjoy at his blog as well as at my web site now (check out his latest column making the "Case Against Cardio"--AN INSTANT CLASSIC!). Additionally, he has been interviewed by the health and fitness media as well as participating as an in-demand consultant in professional sports.

Prior to founding Primal Nutrition in 1996, Mark was the chief operating officer and head of research & development for America's #1 top direct-to-consumer nutritional supplement company. In other words, he has a solid reputation for knowing his stuff as it relates to vitamins and supplements.

As a strong supporter of livin' la vida low-carb, Mark wants to help his fellow low-carbers get the most potent, complete, cutting-edge, premium nutritional supplements available on the market today. He knows you don't have time to research the ingredients in thousands of bottles with stuff you can't even pronounce in them! That's why he created Primal Nutrition.

The first thing you'll notice is the product line is quite small--JUST FOUR BASICS IN ALL! But that's by design. Mark wants people to get what they need to be healthy and then just live their life without worrying about whether they are getting the right supplements or not. Primal Nutrition gives you the peace of mind to know you are.

No matter how young or old you are, these supplements will help with such health ailments as aging, blood sugar control, weight and pain management, mental health, sleep, performance, energy, and more. As a 52-year old man, Mark knows firsthand how important it is to remain healthy as your body naturally matures and goes through the life cycle. He's living proof it CAN be done!

Wanna see the full line-up of Primal Nutrition products? CLICK HERE to check 'em all out for yourself, including three versions of the Damage Control Master Formula multivitamin packs, Vital Omegas essential fatty acids, Proloftin for natural stress-fighting, and Responsibly Slim protein powders.

I have personally used the multivitamin packs, omega supplements, and Responsibly Slim products for the past month and would like to share my experiences with each.


Most of you know I have been a big proponent of taking at the very least a multivitamin when you are livin' la vida low-carb. Regardless of your dietary preference, though, a solid multivitamin will help ensure you are getting exactly what you need nutritionally.

This beautifully-packaged product holds a one-month supply of 60 little waterproof packets each containing six capsules (taken twice daily!) with the right amount of 51 healthy nutrients your body needs (you can see a complete listing of these nutrients by clicking here). If you were to try to purchase all of these on your own, you could very easily spend up to $500 for just a one-month supply of products you can't be sure about! Yikes!

I replaced much of my supplementation (except fish oil which I'll discuss in a moment) by switching to the Damage Control Master Formula and feel absolutely fantastic. It sure is convenient just ripping an easy-to-open packet of six capsules in the morning and then again at night instead of opening 8 or 9 different bottles as I have been doing for the past three years. Not anymore!

This literally is a premium multivitamin for anyone looking to get everything they need in one dose. You'll be interested to know that there's also a "junior" version with 42 vital nutrients as well as a basic "budget-conscious" version that is perfect for children and youth. You'll never have to worry about your multivitamin again!


I love my fish oil supplements and consider them a key part of my low-carb lifestyle. There are so many health benefits from adding this supplement to your diet that I don't know anyone who shouldn't be taking it. But getting the wrong kind can actually cause damage to your body rather than help it. EEEK!

One of the most common problems with fish oil capsules is most of them go rancid sitting on the shelf in the drugstore or at Wal-mart for months on end. One surefire way of knowing whether your fish oil supplement is rancid or not is if you have fishy burps soon after taking them. Not good!

That's what I have enjoyed about taking the Vital Omegas. No more fishy burps, so I KNOW I'm getting a top-of-the-line fish oil supplement that will help rather than harm me. This is the purest, most concentrated form of fish oil I've seen available on the market today--BAR NONE!


When you are livin' la vida low-carb, protein is a crucial part of your weight loss and muscle-building routine. Most protein powders are simply overloaded with sugar and lack enough fiber to be as useful to the people using them. That's what makes Responsibly Slim protein powder different.

It is both high-protein (24g) and high-fiber (8g) to give you a nice one-two punch in your weight loss routine. Responsibly Slim comes in either chocolate or vanilla flavors and tastes fantastic. I've had the chocolate and mixed it with water and ice in a blender for a delicious low-carb snack or meal replacement.

One word of caution for people on Induction or in the early stages of livin' la vida low-carb: Responsibly Slim contains 7g sugar per serving to improve the taste and texture. However, those low-carbers who are in the midst of or near their goal weight with a higher carbohydrate allowance can add this product into their routine.

Take a moment and check out Mark Sisson's Primal Nutrition health supplements for yourself sometime! They will help you become healthier that you ever thought possible!

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