Sunday, June 24, 2007

'INSPIRED: The Movie' Will Exhibit The Positive Role Of Weight Loss Motivation

Jimmy Moore with INSPIRED: The Movie director Steve Yu

The debate over what the best diet for weight loss and health rages on, but one independent filmmaker is going deeper in his quest to help those two out of every three Americans who are currently overweight or obese in the United States today.

His name is Steve Yu and his upcoming film is entitled INSPIRED: The Movie. You can watch the trailer for this movie RIGHT NOW (you'll notice somebody familiar in it!):

I've been teasing you about this film over the past few weeks since Steve was in my hometown of Spartanburg, South Carolina to interview me for his movie.

Steve and his filming crew were top-notch professionals

What an honor and a thrill it was even to be asked to be a part of something like this! With such well-known and highly-respected diet, health and fitness experts like "The Gazelle" creator Tony Little, former pro wrester Diamond Dallas Page, Dr. Jeff Levine from The Biggest Loser: Season 2, Mindless Eating author Dr. Brian Wansink, Harvard University nutritionists, and many others already on board in support of this project, I have no doubt in my mind this will be a HUGE hit when it releases in 2008.

I talked about my blog and podcast show during the interview

You can check out the official blog for INSPIRED: The Movie for special messages directly from the heart of the director as he has taken this journey over the past two years to give people the hope they have been craving so much. This isn't just another movie about obesity. I sincerely believe this film will impact tens of thousands to become inspired enough to begin their own personal weight loss journey, too. I know that's what Steve would like to see happen.

Posing with Steve and his lovely wife Mariah after the interview

You see, Steve and his beautiful bride Mariah are also inspirational regarding the power of a changed life as both of them have transformed their bodies from slightly flabby blobs of flesh into lean mean muscle machines that look absolutely fantastic! When I saw their before pictures, I was floored! They are an impressive duo.

I shared what was on my heart during the interview

While I was sharing my low-carb weight loss success story with Steve, he became quite intrigued by my brother Kevin who at the time I thought had given up on losing weight. In fact, he captured precisely what I was feeling at the moment about Kevin in this brief video clip from INSPIRED: The Movie. Be sure to subscribe to their YouTube page for more video clips.

Following the interview with me, Steve asked if I thought Kevin would be interested in being in the movie, too. I told him I would ask Kevin and see--not surprisingly, Kevin said YES! But I was also surprised to learn Kevin is now losing weight. Perhaps this experience being filmed in a couple of weeks will be the impetus he needs to FINALLY lose the weight for good. We can hope and pray!

Director Steve Yu listens intently during the interview

While there is creative freedom in making a documentary like this, one of the real challenges is raising the funds to cover the expenses of such an undertaking. INSPIRED: The Movie is no different. If you are as passionate about seeing this movie exposed to the audience that needs to hear it, then consider donating through PayPal or sending a check made payable to INSPIRED: The Movie, 1281 Aalto Main NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30318. A donation of ANY size will be GREATLY appreciated!

Filming my interview for INSPIRED: The Movie in my living room

This is an historic opportunity to be a part of something worthwhile that's bigger and more meaningful than simply going through the motions of life. It's about changing lives, helping people, sharing hope, and, more than anything, giving that despondent dieter a chance to be INSPIRED! What more could you ask for?

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Blogger The Bunnell Farm said...

Wow! I'm Dumbstruck! Incredible! Powerful! Magical! Saleable! Truthful! You have created a monster here Jimmy! It's a double whammy for me because I am a Filmographer and Photojournalist myself and I am making a Documentary about addictions with my Mac and Cannon setup!

6/24/2007 11:39 PM  
Blogger Aimee said...

I can't wait to see this movie when it's done!

6/27/2007 12:46 PM  

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