Monday, June 25, 2007

'Secret Sale' Contest Winner Announced

One of my readers was the winner of Low-Carb Connoisseur's drawing

To help celebrate their 10th anniversary serving the low-carb community, our friends at Low-Carb Connoisseur conducted a special "Secret Sale" I told you about last week.

While the deal was you get 20 percent off of your entire purchase, one lucky winner would be drawn at random to receive an incredible 50 percent off! That winner was chosen today and just happens to be one of my blog readers:

BARBARA F. from Port Orchard, WA!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, Barbara! I know you'll enjoy saving a few extra bucks on your order. I'm glad you were able to take advantage of this special offer from our friends at Low-Carb Connoisseur.

Special THANKS to Elaine for conducting this "Secret Sale" contest.

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Blogger bafaucher said...

Wow! I wondered why I had a PayPal refund from Low-Carb Connoisseur! I was buying more lowcarb BBQ sauce and honey to make the hotwings recipe you gave us awhile back. It's great! Thanks Jimmie and Elaine.
Barb F. in Port Orchard, WA.

6/26/2007 11:10 AM  
Blogger Sparky's Girl said...

Congrats Barbara!

6/26/2007 11:35 AM  
Blogger Jimmy Moore said...

Great job Barb! I let Elaine know how grateful you are for being the winner. CONGRATULATIONS again!

6/26/2007 12:37 PM  

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