Monday, July 16, 2007

I've Got My Two Winners In The American Lamb Giveaway Contest

Last week, I shared with you about my first experience eating lamb thanks to the good folks over at The American Lamb Board. They were kind enough to share their really nifty Summer Lamb Grill Kit which I enjoyed thoroughly!

As you know, they also gave me two of these kits to give away to a couple of lucky readers and I was swamped with so many responses to my trivia questions from my very smart readers that I hated there would only be two winners.

For the record, here are the correct answers:

What is the marketing slogan for the American Lamb Board?
American Lamb. From American Land.

Who is the American Lamb spokesperson?
Chef Tim Love

What government Cabinet office created the American Lamb Board?
U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

What are the five most popular cuts of lamb?
Leg, Loin, Shanks, Shoulder, and Rack

Just about everyone who entered got these right and THANK YOU to the masses of you who participated in this contest. All the entries with correct answers were placed in a pool to draw from and my wife Christine did the honors.

And the winners are...

DENNITA H. from Brady, TX and DEBORAH R. from Braintree, MA

WOO HOO! CONGRATULATIONS Dennita and Deborah. You two ladies will each be receiving an overnight package on Wednesday morning from the American Lamb Board with the following:

- 6-8 lb. prime cut boneless leg of American lamb
- Recipe cards with exclusive lamb recipes
- Fresh pre-packaged herbs needed for the recipes above
- American Lamb Board meat thermometer
- Set of (4) 12" stainless-steel skewers from Outset Inc.

See what you can look forward to grilling up! Can't you just taste it?! :D

Special THANKS to the American Lamb Board for their generous donations and on behalf of my readers I express my deepest gratitude to them for educating us about healthy American-made lamb.

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