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Getting To Know 'The Biggest Loser' 4 Contestants

Here are "The Biggest Loser" contestants for Season 4 in 2007!

If you are as much of a fan of the hit NBC weight loss reality show "The Biggest Loser" as I am, then you are no doubt excited about the return of the brand new season ready to hit on Tuesday nights this Fall!

As I've previously blogged about, Season Four has several pleasant surprises in store, including the debut of new host Alison Sweeney, the return of trainer Jillian Michaels after a one-year absence (who will be training an all-new Black team of contestants while Bob Harper and Kim Lyons train the Blue and Red teams respectively), and 18 absolutely incredible new contestants who will seek to become the next "Biggest Loser" champion. WOO HOO!

Lose Big with Jillian Michaels

Before I introduce you to the Season Four "Biggest Loser" contestants, first I want to let you know NBC took my suggestion and will be featuring a special one-hour update on the past contestants on Tuesday, September 4, 2007 as a prelude to the new season called "The Biggest Loser: Did They Keep The Weight Off?" Be sure to tune in to see how YOUR favorite past contestants are doing to KEEP the weight off they lost on the show. One of the contestants who will be featured has already agreed to an interview at my blog, so stay tuned for that coming soon! :)

Wouldn't you like to know how those Season One, Season Two, and Season Three contestants are doing NOW that they've been off the show a while? I sure do because I KNOW how hard it is to be in weight maintenance mode after losing a large amount of weight. If they are still imploring the secret behind "The Biggest Loser" success, then there's no doubt the weight is staying off!

Okay, enough about the past, let's meet the present contestants in 2007. Here's an inspiring and motivating introductory video about the new season and the contestants who we'll be getting to know more about in the coming months as they take this weight loss journey:

WOW, I can't wait for Season Four to begin after seeing that! Now that I've teased you long enough, are you ready to meet these 18 brave men and women who are willing to put themselves out there on national television in all their obese glory for a chance not just to win a big pile of money, but to quite literally change their lives forever? If so, then your wait is now over.

Here they are starting with the guys:

Age: 29
Hometown: Jackson Heights, New York

Ryan is married and just became a dad for the first time. He has a stressful occupation as a corporate litigations attorney and is looking to overcome the eating large patterns he learned from his childhood days living in the culture of Puerto Rico. He is committed to beating this one area of his life where success has eluded him.

Age: 27
Hometown: Powell, Ohio

Phil wants to be a fireman, but his weight has literally held him back. He's dedicated now more than ever to shed the pounds so he can reach this goal he has for himself. As a devoted husband and father, he has the support to make it happen!

Age: 25
Hometown: Marblehead, Massachusetts

Neil is as intelligent as anyone you'll ever meet as a chemical engineer. Articulate, street smart, and the "guy next door," he hopes to use those qualities to overcome his struggle with obesity his entire life.

Age: 24
Hometown: Garden, Kansas

Jez is one of those people you can't help but love because he has dedicated his life to helping mentally challenged and handicapped children overcome their illnesses. His dream is to open a daycare center to provide a friendly and inviting environment for underprivileged families. Winning "The Biggest Loser" would help with that, but he also desires to beat all odds by defeating a family history of weight problems.

Age: 62
Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

Jerry makes television history in Season 4 as the oldest contestant ever to appear on "The Biggest Loser"--more than TWICE the age of most of the other contestants! He realizes the impact of being a senior citizen on the show because obesity runs rampant with health consequences for this age group. Even still, he wants to return to the active lifestyle of his past as a bodybuilder and boxer. He's been married to his wife longer than most of his fellow contestants have been alive (over 40 years and counting!) and has been active in the Peace Corps helping the impoverished and needy. He hopes to lick this weight issue for good!

Age: 31
Hometown: Cedar Hill, Tennessee

David is the father of four beautiful children and desperately wants to be an active part of their lives as they grown older. He's a rancher who is willing to put in the hard work necessary to melt the fat and get into shape.

Age: 29
Hometown: Riverdale, Georgia

Bryan is a gifted musician who uses that talent to teach kids in his local public high school about appreciating music in their own life. Now he hopes to set the example for them regarding diet and health so they can learn that anytime is possible! He hopes to have the chance to become a professional artist someday and "The Biggest Loser" could start him down that path.

Age: 40
Hometown: Long Island, New York

Jim is one-half of the first-ever set of twins on "The Biggest Loser." Along with his brother Bill, he has struggled with his weight since childhood. Married with kids, he is both a police officer and a volunteer firefighter. As a fan of Frank Sinatra, he's "High Hopes" that "The Best Is Yet To Come."

Age: 40

Bill is the other half of the first-ever set of twins on "The Biggest Loser." Like his brother Jim, he is married and raising three kids as well. Employed in the image-conscious medical sales field, he realizes the time is now to lose the weight.

And here are the ladies:

Age: 30
Hometown: Houston, Texas

Amber is the kind of paramedic you hope to have if you need her because she's got that little something extra to calm you in the midst of your calamity. But she has trouble with her job sometimes because of the extra weight she's carrying around and is hoping "The Biggest Loser" will help her continue to help others in need. Plus, she's hoping Mr. Right will be attracted to her once she loses the weight so she can fulfill her desire to have a family.

Age: 28
Hometown: Rochester, New York

Amy is happily married and the mother of two gorgeous kids. But she wants to prove to her family and herself that she can beat her obesity and become everything she has ever wanted. By doing so, both her kids as well as those little first-graders she teaches can see the power of a changed life in action.

Age: 28
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona

Hollie is another teacher in this season of "The Biggest Loser" who is also the cheerleading coach at her high school. She absolutely LOVES helping the cheerleaders perform their acrobatic stunts, but is ashamed of her own weight and health in front of these impressionable young people. She wants to be able to teach her kids the positive impact of exercise so they can be the best cheerleaders possible.

Age: 21
Hometown: Franklin, Tennessee

Isabeau is another talented musician this season who is hoping her work and exposure on "The Biggest Loser" will give her just the boost she needs to set her career into motion. Obesity has stood in the way long enough and now it's time for this star to shine for all the world to see!

Age: 34
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Julie has a natural beauty that has enabled her to enter pageants in the past, but she is positive her weight has been a hindrance in those competitions. As a wife and mother, she is hoping to bring another child into this world, but first wants to get her weight and health in order.

Age: 27
Hometown: Clark, New Jersey

Kae knows the negative impact of being too heavy--she was honorably discharged from the armed forces because of it. Although she has found the love of her life and married him, she is hoping to take the same kind of perseverance she used in boot camp to kick this weight off for good. Her goal is to visit her grandmother in Korea with her new slim and trim body.

Age: 34
Hometown: Metairie, Louisiana

Lezlye has already gone through more heartache and pain than most of us will ever experience as a survivor of the tragic Hurricane Katrina disaster from 2005. She returned to the New Orleans area this year with her son and is hoping to restart her life again there as a representatives for a major pharmaceutical company. She says the time is now to slay this obesity monster once and for all.

Age: 26
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Nicole knows how to have a good time and soaks in every moment of life she's been given. Her desire is to lose the weight so she can enjoy the good times that much more with all the spontaneity and zeal she possesses. She's employed as a receptionist, but is hoping to break into radio broadcasting in the future.

Age: 34
Hometown: San Diego, California

Patty is in a prestigious position at a credit union serving as senior loan officer. She's quite competitive as you can imagine and wants to show her husband and three kids she has what it takes to take on her biggest challenge yet--losing weight! She suffers from a rare medical condition called N.A.S.H., a non-alcohol version of cirrhosis, and weight loss is the only way she will be able to save her liver from destruction.

Be sure to tune in on Tuesday nights at 8:00EST beginning September 4, 2007. Access all of my previous blog posts about "The Biggest Loser" by clicking here.

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