Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Rampant Abuse Of ALLI Weight Loss Drug Reported

Nicki Anderson exposes a dirty truth about a risky new weight loss drug

My friend and fellow fitness lover Nicki Anderson who owns and operates the Naperville, IL-based Reality Fitness health center wrote an incredible article in her weekly "Happy Monday" newsletter this week about how the allure of "quick weight loss" can oftentimes deter you from the more important job of retaining your health.

Ever since I first blogged about Nicki early last year, I have grown to love and appreciate her perspective as a weight loss and health counselor for those who desire to get fit. She is arguably one of the most enthusiastic people in the health world you will ever meet and I count it a privilege to know her.

Get a taste of Nicki by reading what she thinks about the low-fat diet as well as some comments she made in a newspaper story on low-carb. She's definitely someone who deserves to be listened to when she speaks about diet, health, and nutrition and today's subject matter is no exception.

You'll recall I've come down pretty hard against the new over-the-counter weight loss drug called ALLI. In fact, I dedicated an entire podcast show (which became an instant classic and one of the favorites among my listeners!) to it which precipitated quite a response from both pro and con from those who had an opinion about taking it.

Well, Nicki shared what some of her own clients are saying about the use--or should I say ABUSE--of ALLI as part of the weight loss regimen of those they know. Keep in mind this ALLI drug is available EVERYWHERE now, including Wal-mart, drugstores, and anywhere there is a pharmacy. It ain't cheap, but price is no option for many when they just wanna lose weight ANY way they can.

Click here to read the shocking details of what Nicki's client told her about how some people are using ALLI in their desperate attempts to lose weight and to learn why eating healthy should ALWAYS take precedence over being skinny.

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