Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dr. Jonny Bowden A Guest On Renegade Health

You all know how much of a fan I am of Dr. Jonny Bowden. At the age of 61, this man has more energy and enthusiasm for life than just about anyone else I know. He's a tireless champion of healthy living and is a proponent of reducing carbohydrate and especially sugar intake to get you there. It's one of the reasons he wrote his fabulous book Living The Low-Carb Life and why I chose him to be among my Top 10 Low-Carb Movers & Shakers of 2007.

I recently interviewed Jonny (listen here and here) at my podcast show in promotion of his latest book from Fair Winds Press entitled The Most Natural Cures On Earth. This is a follow-up to the bestselling 150 Healthiest Foods On Earth and a forerunner to the June 2008 cookbook release The Healthiest Meals On Earth.

Additionally, Jonny stays quite busy not just with his book projects, but also with his own radio show called "Your Body, Your Health, Your Life" which I was privileged to be on last summer. He also does a FREE audio course about nutrition and weight loss and was the person who introduced me to one of my fabulous new sponsors Satiatrim (which I'll be sharing MUCH more with you about later this week!).

As much as I rave about him, I've never actually met Jonny in person. His charismatic voice and charm are evident on the phone lines, but I've always wondered what it would be like to sit down and chat with him over lunch. Well, guess what? If you've never seen Dr. Jonny Bowden in person, then here's a great interview that was conducted by Kevin Gianni from Renegade Health featuring the man himself talking about health in the middle of Los Angeles traffic:

Can you see why I love this guy? He's awesome and we'll be hearing plenty more from him for many years to come. KEEP GOING STRONG, JONNY!!!

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Blogger Red said...

Man, I hope I look that good when I'm 50, much less 60.

I'd be happy just to have that much hair.

3/24/2008 3:39 AM  

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