Monday, April 28, 2008

Food Network Casting 'Amazing Stories' Surrounding Food For A New Show

Here's your chance to be in a new Food Network series

Ever since we got cable back in our household about a year ago, my wife Christine has gone through phases of watching one particular channel at a time. At first, it was her favorite cable channel of all-time, the Sci-Fi Channel, and she got her fill of space aliens, ghost stories, and all things otherworldish! Then she switched over to the Discovery Channel for hours upon hours of Dirty Jobs, Cash Cab, How It's Made and Mythbusters. Great shows indeed!

But lately she's been in a cooking mood and you know what that means--THE FOOD NETWORK. Yes, our home has now been overtaken by Paula Deen, Rachael Ray, Emeril, Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence, and so many more. I like walking by and seeing what is being made if it is particularly low-carb (and many times it is or can be adapted to be low-carb!). Watching those professional cooks on The Food Network makes me wonder if maybe someday somebody I know will have a chance to appear on one of their shows.

Well, that might just happen sooner rather than later!

Right now, The Food Network is looking for what they describe as "amazing stories for a groundbreaking new series." Here's a brief set of questions detailing specifically what they are looking for.

"Do you or someone you know have an amazing food related story to tell? Do you know someone who has gone from being homeless to the owner of their own restaurant, makes pop art out of pineapples, or eats nothing but peanuts? Do you know someone who is battling food fears or phobias? Has food helped to cure an illness, changed the course of your life, or helped to inspire you in some dramatic way?"

If you can say YES to any of these questions, then this may be your big opportunity to appear on a national cable television network to share your story. They want a wide variety of stories to share, including ones that are "odd or humorous" so they can be featured on this new television series for The Food Network. If you have a strange or interesting food-related story to tell, then let them hear from you.

Casting us now underway and submitting your information is super-easy. Just send a brief description of your story, the best-looking photo you have of yourself, and all your contact information and e-mail it directly to Michael Raptist at You can also call Michael at 646-723-9848 if you would like to be considered for the show.

I called Michael last week about this opportunity and shared with him about my 180-pound low-carb weight loss success story. He asked me all kinds of questions about my life, including how long I've been married, how many kids I have, why I want to do this, etc. At the end of the conversation, he wanted me to send him an e-mail with more information, so wish me luck! And I hope it works out for some of you, too! Let us know if you get chosen to be on the show so we can look for you.

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! The Food Network--this is HUGE!

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